Celebrities Born in Québec

This is a summary containing the celebrities who were born in Québec. If you notice that we missed someone famous from Québec, please add his or her obituary to our Wiki.

Alex Tanguay
Born: January 21st, 1979 in Ste-Justine, Quebec
Allison Adler
Born: May 30th, 1967 in Montreal, Quebec
Amanda Walsh
Born: October 3rd, 1981 in Rigaud, Quebec
Ben Mulroney
Born: March 9th, 1976 in Montréal, Québec
Brian Mulroney
Born: March 2nd, 1939 in Baie-Comeau, Quebec
Bruce Greenwood
Born: August 12th, 1956 in Noranda, Québec
Caroline Dhavernas
Born: May 15th, 1978 in Montreal, Quebec
Caroline Rhea
Born: April 13th, 1964 in Westmount, Quebec
Colin Ferguson
Born: July 22nd, 1972 in Montreal, Québec
Conrad Black
Born: August 25th, 1944 in Montreal, Quebec
David Rakoff
Born: November 27th, 1964 in Montreal, Quebec
Denis Villeneuve
Born: October 3rd, 1967 in Trois-Rivières, Québec
Devery Jacobs
Born: August 8th, 1993 in Kahnawake, Quebec
Elias Koteas
Born: March 11th, 1961 in Montreal, Québec
Emily Hampshire
Born: August 29th, 1981 in Montreal, Quebec
Emmanuelle Chriqui
Born: December 10th, 1977 in Montreal, Quebec
Jack Layton
Born: July 18th, 1950 in Montreal, Quebec
Jason Reitman
Born: October 19th, 1977 in Montreal, Quebec
Jean Beliveau
Born: August 31st, 1931 in Trois-Rivières, Quebec
Jennifer Finnigan
Born: August 22nd, 1979 in Montreal, Quebec
Jessalyn Gilsig
Born: November 30th, 1971 in Montreal, Quebec
Joe Weider
Born: November 29th, 1919 in Montreal, Quebec
Karen Cliche
Born: July 22nd, 1976 in Sept-Îles, Quebec
Kevin McDonald
Born: May 16th, 1961 in Montreal, Quebec
Kevin O Leary
Born: July 9th, 1954 in Montreal, Quebec
Leonard Cohen
Born: September 21st, 1934 in Montreal, Quebec
Marie-Josee Croze
Born: February 23rd, 1970 in Montreal, Quebec
Michael Sarrazin
Born: May 22nd, 1940 in Quebec City, Québec
Missy Peregrym
Born: June 16th, 1982 in Montreal, Quebec
Mort Sahl
Born: May 11th, 1927 in Montreal, Quebec
Norm MacDonald
Born: October 17th, 1963 in Quebec City, Quebec
Pat Patterson
Born: January 19th, 1941 in Montreal, Quebec
Peter Cullen
Born: July 28th, 1941 in Montreal, Québec
Pom Klementieff
Born: May 3rd, 1986 in Quebec City, Quebec
Rachelle Lefevre
Born: February 1st, 1979 in Montreal, Quebec
Robert Joy
Born: August 17th, 1951 in Montréal, Québec
Rudolph Marcus
Born: July 21st, 1923 in Montreal, Quebec
Shawn Levy
Born: July 23rd, 1968 in Montreal, Quebec
Sophie Gregoire
Born: April 24th, 1975 in Montreal, Quebec
Stan Bowman
Born: June 28th, 1973 in Montreal, Quebec
Steven Cojocaru
Born: July 4th, 1970 in Montreal, Quebec
Vanessa Lengies
Born: July 21st, 1985 in Montreal, Québec

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