Celebrities Born in Texas

This is a summary containing the celebrities who were born in Texas. If you notice that we missed someone famous from Texas, please add his or her obituary to our Wiki.

Jesse Jane
Born: July 16th, 1980 in Fort Worth, Texas
Jesse Plemons
Born: April 2nd, 1988 in Dallas, Texas
Jessica Simpson
Born: July 10th, 1980 in Abilene, Texas
Jill Goodacre
Born: March 29th, 1965 in Lubbock, Texas
Jim Parsons
Born: March 24th, 1973 in Houston, Texas
Jimmy Dean
Born: August 10th, 1928 in Plainview, Texas
Jo Beth Williams
Born: December 6th, 1948 in Houston, Texas
Joe Don Baker
Born: February 12th, 1936 in Groesbeck, Texas
Joe Johnston
Born: May 13th, 1950 in Austin, Texas
John Cameron Mitchell
Born: April 21st, 1963 in El Paso, Texas
John Mackey
Born: August 15th, 1953 in Austin, Texas
Jordan Danger
Born: June 4th, 1991 in ElPaso, Texas
Joshua Leonard
Born: June 17th, 1975 in Houston, Texas
Karri Turner
Born: December 21st, 1966 in Fort Worth, Texas
Kate Capshaw
Born: November 3rd, 1953 in Fort Worth, Texas
Katherine Boecher
Born: August 10th, 1981 in Beaumont, Texas
Katherine Helmond
Born: July 5th, 1929 in Galveston, Texas
Kathy Baker
Born: June 8th, 1950 in Midland, Texas
Kay Panabaker
Born: May 2nd, 1990 in Orange, Texas
Kelly Clarkson
Born: April 24th, 1982 in Fort Worth, Texas
Kenny Rogers
Born: August 21st, 1938 in Houston, Texas
Kevin Alejandro
Born: April 7th, 1976 in San Antonio, Texas
Kevin McHale
Born: June 14th, 1988 in Plano, Texas
Kris Kristofferson
Born: June 22nd, 1936 in Brownsville, Texas
L Q Jones
Born: August 19th, 1927 in Beaumont, Texas
LaCosta Tucker
Born: December 12th, 1951 in Seminole, Texas
Lane Garrison
Born: May 23rd, 1980 in Dallas, Texas
Larry Hagman
Born: September 21st, 1931 in Fort Worth, Texas
Laura Bush
Born: November 4th, 1946 in Midland, Texas
Lee Trevino
Born: December 1st, 1939 in Dallas, Texas
Leighton Meester
Born: April 9th, 1986 in Fort Worth, Texas
Liana Liberato
Born: August 20th, 1995 in Galveston, Texas
Linda Ellerbee
Born: August 15th, 1944 in Bryan, Texas
Lisa Niemi
Born: May 26th, 1956 in Houston, Texas
Lori Singer
Born: November 6th, 1957 in Corpus Christi, Texas
Lucas Till
Born: August 10th, 1990 in Fort Hood, Texas
Luke Wilson
Born: September 21st, 1971 in Dallas, Texas
Lydia Cornell
Born: July 23rd, 1953 in El Paso, Texas
Lyle Lovett
Born: November 1st, 1957 in Klein, Texas
Lynda Day George
Born: December 11th, 1944 in San Marcos, Texas
Lynn Collins
Born: June 1st, 1979 in Houston, Texas
Mac Davis
Born: January 21st, 1942 in Lubbock, Texas
Madison Pettis
Born: July 22nd, 1998 in Arlington, Texas
Madylin Sweeten
Born: June 27th, 1991 in Brownwood, Texas
Margo Martindale
Born: July 18th, 1951 in Jacksonville, Texas
Mark Calaway
Born: March 24th, 1962 in Houston, Texas
Mark Salling
Born: August 17th, 1982 in Dallas, Texas
Marshall Allman
Born: April 5th, 1984 in Austin, Texas
Matt Stone
Born: May 26th, 1971 in Houston, Texas
Matthew Bomer
Born: October 11th, 1977 in Spring, Texas

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