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Even though you've suffered a loss in your family, in these tough economic times we all need to save some money. An excellent way to save on the funeral expense is to use a free funeral program template to create your own funeral programs. While your funeral home will handle the task of outsourcing your funeral programs, they will pass the cost of the design and printing along to you.

There is no need to incur this expense when you can create your own programs easy using a free funeral program template. They are available in both online and down loadable versions. Working at such a project may even be a way for your family to gather together and to remember your deceased loved one.

Funeral Program Template:

For many the funeral program will become a keepsake or a final memento so it should be both informative and thought provoking.

A Basic template of a Funeral Program should include:

  • Full legal name of deceased
  • Birth date of the deceased
  • Date of his/her death
  • Funeral location
  • Funeral date and time
  • Name of the person officiating the service
  • Place of interment
  • Time of interment if not immediately after the funeral service
  • Name of person delivery the eulogy
  • Names of pallbearers
  • Titles of songs played and/or sung

For religious funerals you may want to include the following in the program template:

  • Scripture, Gospel or Bible citations: Include references and name reader
  • If the funeral service has servers, as is used during a Catholic Mass, those names should be listed as well.
  • Bereavement verses

Depending on how long you want the funeral program to be, you may choose to include the following:

  • A photo for the cover: Perhaps a sunrise or sunset, a nature scene, flowers, trees, plants, rosaries or other religious symbols or simply a photo of the deceased.
  • A favorite Poem or part of a song
  • List of surviving family members
  • Brief biography
  • Photos of the deceased
  • Artwork by the deceased or from family members
  • Amusing or funny anecdotes
  • Words of gratitude from the family to those who attended the service
  • The names of charities where donations may be made

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