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There is nobody on earth who knows you as well as you do. No one knows every bit of your life and legacy. That's why you are the only person who is completely qualified to write your obituary.

It may seem a bit morbid to think about how people will remember you and how they will describe your life after you are dead, but if you care about what they feel about you, you should write your obit yourself. You can be sure that once you're dead that your loved ones will write a nice paragraph or two that describes your life. And you can be sure that it will be flattering, but will it really tell the whole story? Don't leave it to chance that someone will remember all the great things you did in your lifetime.

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To get started... Just enter your First and Last Name in the form below. It will create a new obituary document in your name where you can start typing the details of your life into the wiki template.

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We strive to have the largest database of obituaries on earth and we would love to have yours too. Simply follow the instructions below to create your obituary and within minutes your obituary will be Online for the world to read.

Just remember to tell your loved-ones that when you die they should just search the internet for your name plus obituary and they'll find your obit here, ready to print in the news and in the funeral program.

Note: According to our Terms of Service, any information you type will become our property to use as we wish. Do not enter any information that you do not want to be published to the public.

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