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Wiki Obits has one simple goal: To provide a place where you can find obituaries and biographies for every person on earth - dead or alive - famous, celebrity or just average folks. And please, if you have any information about dead celebrities that we have missed, we need your help with our project.

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Our writers strive to be the authority when it comes to obituaries for famous people and celebrities, but we also believe that you don't need to be a celeb to have your life memorialized forever. That's why we created this website - WikiObits - where everyone's a celebrity. We encourage you to add yourself to our obituary list so when you die, everyone will remember you the way you want to be remembered.

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Obituaries for Recently Deceased Celebs:

Stephen Sondheim
Died: November 26th 2021 in Roxbury, U.S.
Lisa Brown
Died: November 24th 2021 in Jersey City, U.S.
Bernard Holley
Died: November 22nd 2021 in , UK
Joey Morgan
Died: November 21st 2021 in ,
Lou Cutell
Died: November 21st 2021 in Los Angeles, U.S.
Peter Aykroyd
Died: November 20th 2021 in Spokane, U.S.
Art LaFleur
Died: November 17th 2021 in North Hollywood, U.S.
Heath Freeman
Died: November 14th 2021 in ,
Jerry Douglas
Died: November 9th 2021 in Los Angeles, U.S.
Dean Stockwell
Died: November 7th 2021 in Ranchos de Taos, U.S.

You can also browse the list of obituary categories: 2021 Deaths and 2020 Deaths for additional celebrity obituaries.

Top 10 Celebrity Biographies - Updated Daily:

Gregg Wallace
Born: October 17th 1964 in Peckham, England
Updated: November 27th 2021
Larry The Cable Guy
Born: February 17th 1963 in Pawnee City, U.S.
Updated: November 27th 2021
Jesse Tyler Ferguson
Born: October 22nd 1975 in Missoula, U.S.
Updated: November 27th 2021
Mimi Keene
Born: August 5th 1998 in Hertfordshire, England
Updated: November 27th 2021
Daniel Dae Kim
Born: August 4th 1968 in Busan, South Korea
Updated: November 27th 2021
Lou Cutell
Born: October 6th 1930 in New York City, U.S.
Updated: November 27th 2021
Anil Kapoor
Born: December 24th 1959 in Chembur, India
Updated: November 27th 2021
Lisa Brown
Born: August 2nd 1954 in Kansas City, U.S.
Updated: November 27th 2021
Kelli Williams
Born: June 8th 1970 in Los Angeles, U.S.
Updated: November 27th 2021
Sandy Duncan
Born: February 20th 1946 in Henderson, U.S.
Updated: November 27th 2021

Please check back to our wiki biography site regularly to see the new obituaries on our list. Or even better, help us out by writing a few celebrity obits yourself! Update it now before you're dead.

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