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Has the family decided you are the one to write an obituary for your recently deceased relative? Don't fret. Simply fill in the blanks on our free obituary template and within minutes you will be ready to send it off to the publisher. Of course, for a few dollars, you can have your funeral home write an obituary for you but you know that there is no love in that. So, print out this template, grab a stiff drink and within a few minutes you will have a custom written obit that truly says what you feel about your dead loved one.

Long Form Obituary Template:

The following is a very typical yet detailed long form template that you can use to write a heart-felt obituary. Of course, it is just a guideline and you should feel free to add, change, embellish or remove any sections that you see fit. (Note that we have used male pronouns for simplicity)

Obituary of {First Name} {Last Name}

{Title Eg. Mr. Ms, Doctor, Officer} {First Name} "{Nickname/Alternate Name}" {Last Name} {Maiden Name/Birth Name} died unexpectedly/tragically/violently/peacefully in {location Eg. his home/hospital/Casino} on {Long form Date} in {City, State/Province}. He was {age} years old at his death.

{Name} is survived by his parents, {Mother's Name} and {Father's Name} of {Location}; his {wife/husband}, {Spouse's Name}; {children}, {Children's Names}; {siblings}, {Brother's or Sister's Names} of {Locations}. {He} is preceded in death by {Parents/Spouse/Siblings/Relatives/Pets}, {Names}, of {Locations}.

{Name} was born on {Birth Date} in {City, State/Country} to {Parent(s) Names}. He graduated from {School/College/University} in {year} with a degree in {Field of Study}. He married {Name} (née {Maiden Name}), {his} in {year}. After moving to {Location}, {Name} began working for {Company} as a {Job Title. Together, they had {Number of Children} plus {Number of Adopted Children} adopted children.

His children remember him as a {kind/gentle/angry/violent/loving} father who {complementary trait of a father}.

{Name} was always passionate about {talent/hobby/activity} and often indulged in alcoholic beverages. We remember him as a {generous/witty/depressed/dedicated} individual who loved {Subject/Passtime} and who was skilled at {Subject}. He was a devout member of the {Church/Sect/Club/Political Party/etc.} and often volunteered at {Volunteer Organisation}. A dedicated member of the community {Name} often {Performed/Organised Events}.

A funeral is scheduled for {Time , Day and Date} at {Location of Funeral Servic3}, with a reception to follow at {Location}. We welcome guests for the visitation at {Visitation Location} on {Date and Time} where refreshments will be served. {Officiant} will officiate the ceremony where all are welcome to attend and celebrate {Deceased's} life. In lieu of flowers, please send donations to {Charity Name} at {Charity Address}. Condolences may be sent to {Spouse's contact information}.

Obituary Template Checklist

The following is a free checklist which will help you organise the fundamental information you will need when submitting your loved one's obituary to media outlets:

  • Deceased's full name
  • Time and place of death
  • Birthdate and birthplace
  • Dateline
  • Parents' names
  • Marriage date and name of spouse/partner
  • Survivors, including names of children, siblings, and parents
  • Grandchildren, in-laws, nieces, and nephews, companions and caregivers and other family members
  • Life history, including occupation, memberships, interests, activities, and accomplishments
  • Funeral services including time, day, place
  • Visitation time, day and place
  • Place of burial, officiants, and memorial information
  • Method of payment for the obituary service

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