Celebrities Born in 1977

This is a summary the celebs who were born in 1977. If you notice that we missed a celebrity birth, please add his or her obituary to our Wiki.

Alexandra Holden
Born: April 30th 1977 in Northfield, U.S.
Alexandre Aja
Born: August 7th 1977 in Paris, France
Amber Benson
Born: January 8th 1977 in Birmingham, U.S.
Ana de la Reguera
Born: April 8th 1977 in Veracruz, Mexico
Angela Goethals
Born: May 20th 1977 in New York, U.S.
Annie Wersching
Born: January 28th 1977 in St. Louis, U.S.
Ashley Scott
Born: July 13th 1977 in Metairie, U.S.
Benjamin Millepied
Born: June 10th 1977 in Bordeaux, France
Bianca Kajlich
Born: March 26th 1977 in Seattle, U.S.
Brendan Fehr
Born: October 29th 1977 in New Westminster, Canada
Brian Dietzen
Born: November 14th 1977 in Barrington, U.S.
Brian Tee
Born: March 15th 1977 in Okinawa, Japan
Brittany Murphy
Born: November 10th 1977 in Atlanta, U.S.
Brooke Mueller
Born: August 19th 1977 in Palm Beach, U.S.
Callum Blue
Born: August 19th 1977 in London, England
Candace Smith
Born: February 1st 1977 in Dayton, U.S.
Chadwick Boseman
Born: November 29th 1977 in Anderson, U.S.
Clea DuVall
Born: September 25th 1977 in Los Angeles, U.S.
Colin Hanks
Born: November 24th 1977 in Sacramento, U.S.
Colin White
Born: January 12th 1977 in New Glasgow, Canada
Colombe Jacobsen-Derstine
Born: December 21st 1977 in Chicago, U.S.
Danielle Harris
Born: June 1st 1977 in Plainview, U.S.
Danny Dyer
Born: July 24th 1977 in Canning Town, England
David Dastmalchian
Born: July 21st 1977 in Philadelphia, U.S.
Dion Basco
Born: January 29th 1977 in Pittsburg, U.S.
Donald Trump Jr.
Born: December 31st 1977 in New York City, U.S.
Dustin Diamond
Born: January 7th 1977 in San Jose, U.S.
Edgar Ramírez
Born: March 25th 1977 in Caracas, Venezuela
Edward Furlong
Born: August 2nd 1977 in Glendale, U.S.
Elden Henson
Born: August 30th 1977 in Rockville, U.S.
Elisabeth Hasselbeck
Born: May 28th 1977 in Cranston, U.S.
Emily Perkins
Born: May 4th 1977 in Vancouver, Canada
Emmanuelle Chriqui
Born: December 10th 1977 in Montreal, Canada
Eric Balfour
Born: April 24th 1977 in Los Angeles, U.S.
Eric Olsen
Born: May 31st 1977 in Eugene, U.S.
Geoff Stults
Born: December 15th 1977 in Detroit, U.S.
Gigi Edgley
Born: November 16th 1977 in Perth, Australia
Heather McComb
Born: March 2nd 1977 in Barnegat, U.S.
Heather Wahlquist
Born: May 23rd 1977 in Oklahoma City, U.S.
Jaime Pressly
Born: July 30th 1977 in Kinston, U.S.
James Van Der Beek
Born: March 8th 1977 in Cheshire, U.S.
James Wan
Born: February 26th 1977 in Kuching, Malaysia
Jason Earles
Born: April 26th 1977 in San Diego, U.S.
Jason Reitman
Born: October 19th 1977 in Montreal, Canada
Jerry Trainor
Born: January 21st 1977 in San Diego, U.S.
Jessica Chastain
Born: March 24th 1977 in Sacramento, U.S.
Joel Moore
Born: September 25th 1977 in Portland, U.S.
John Cena
Born: April 23rd 1977 in West Newbury, U.S.
John Hensley
Born: August 26th 1977 in Hyden, U.S.
John Scurti
Born: January 1st 1977 in East Northport, U.S.

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