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A J Buckley
Born: February 9th 1978 in Dublin, Ireland
A Martinez
Born: September 27th 1948 in Glendale, United States
Aaron Ashmore
Born: October 7th 1979 in Richmond, Canada
Aaron Douglas
Born: August 23rd 1971 in Vancouver, Canada
Aaron Jeffery
Born: August 25th 1970 in Auckland, New Zealand
Aaron Moten
Born: February 28th 1989 in Austin, United States
Aaron Paul
Born: August 27th 1979 in Emmett, United States
Abe Vigoda
Born: February 24th 1921 in New York City, United States
Adam Arkin
Born: August 19th 1956 in Brooklyn, United States
Adam Beach
Born: November 11th 1972 in Ashern, Canada
Adam Busch
Born: July 6th 1978 in East Meadow, United States
Adam Copeland
Born: October 30th 1973 in Orangeville, Canada
Adam Demos
Born: May 24th 1985 in Wollongong, Australia
Adam DiMarco
Born: April 14th 1990 in Oakville, Canada
Adam Ferrara
Born: February 2nd 1966 in Queens, United States
Adam Kaufman
Born: May 11th 1974 in New Canaan, United States
Adam Pally
Born: March 18th 1982 in New York City, United States
Adam Pålsson
Born: March 25th 1988 in Stockholm, Sweden
Adam Rich
Born: October 12th 1968 in Brooklyn, United States
Adam Rodriguez
Born: April 2nd 1975 in New York City, United States
Adam Scott
Born: April 3rd 1973 in Santa Cruz, United States
Adam West
Born: September 19th 1928 in Walla Walla, United States
Adeel Akhtar
Born: September 18th 1980 in London, England
Adrian Grenier
Born: July 10th 1976 in Santa Fe, United States
Adrian Pasdar
Born: April 30th 1965 in Pittsfield, United States
Adrian Paul
Born: May 29th 1959 in London, England
Adrian Schiller
Born: February 21st 1964 in Oxford, England
Agim Kaba
Born: February 16th 1980 in New York City, United States
Ahmed Best
Born: August 19th 1973 in New York City, United States
Aidan Gallagher
Born: September 18th 2003 in Los Angeles, United States
Aidan Gillen
Born: April 24th 1968 in Dublin, Ireland
Aidan Turner
Born: June 19th 1983 in Dublin, Ireland
Al Lewis
Born: April 30th 1923 in Manhattan, United States
Al Strobel
Born: November 2nd 1939 in Seattle, United States
Alan Alda 2015
Alan Alda
Born: January 28th 1936 in New York City, United States
Alan Dale
Born: May 6th 1947 in Dunedin, New Zealand
Alan Hale
Born: March 8th 1921 in Los Angeles, United States
Alan Ritchson
Born: November 28th 1984 in Grand Forks, United States
Alan Rosenberg
Born: October 4th 1950 in Passaic, United States
Alan Young
Born: November 19th 1919 in North Shields, Tyne and Wear, England
Albert Schultz
Born: July 30th 1963 in Port Hope, Canada
Alec Baldwin
Born: April 3rd 1958 in Amityville, United States
Alec Musser
Born: April 11th 1973 in New York City, United States
Alex Hassell
Born: September 17th 1980 in Southend-on-Sea, England
Alexander Dreymon
Born: February 7th 1983 in Hamburg, Germany
Alexander Gould
Born: May 4th 1994 in Los Angeles, United States
Alexander Molony
Born: September 12th 2006 in Bromley, England
Alexander Siddig
Born: November 21st 1965 in Omdurman, Sudan
Alexander Skarsgård
Born: August 25th 1976 in Stockholm, Sweden
Alexandre Astier
Born: June 6th 1974 in Lyon, France

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