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Aamir Khan
Born: March 14th 1965 in Mumbai, India
Aaron Eckhart
Born: March 12th 1968 in Cupertino, United States
Aaron Johnson
Born: June 13th 1990 in High Wycombe, England
Aaron Lazar
Born: June 21st 1976 in Cherry Hill, United States
Aaron Stanford
Born: December 27th 1976 in Westford, United States
Abhishek Bachchan
Born: February 5th 1976 in Bombay, India
Abraham Benrubi
Born: October 4th 1969 in Indianapolis, United States
Adam Baldwin
Born: February 27th 1962 in Chicago, United States
Adam Brody
Born: December 15th 1979 in San Diego, United States
Adam Campbell
Born: August 19th 1980 in Bath, England
Adam Devine
Born: November 7th 1983 in Waterloo, United States
Adam Driver
Born: November 19th 1983 in San Diego, United States
Adam Garcia
Born: June 1st 1973 in Wahroonga, Australia
Adam Goldberg
Born: October 25th 1970 in Santa Monica, United States
Adam Hollander
Born: October 14th 1964 in Los Angeles, United States
Adam Johnson
Born: May 12th 1973 in Santa Monica, United States
Adam Sandler
Born: September 9th 1966 in Brooklyn, United States
Adam Tomei
Born: October 24th 1967 in New York City, United States
Adan Canto
Born: December 5th 1981 in Acuña, Mexico
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
Born: August 22nd 1967 in Islington, England
Adolfo Qui Ones
Born: May 11th 1955 in Chicago, United States
Adrien Brody
Born: April 14th 1973 in New York City, United States
Aidan Quinn
Born: March 8th 1959 in Chicago, United States
Akshay Kumar
Born: September 9th 1967 in Amritsar, India
Al Pacino
Born: April 25th 1940 in Manhattan, United States
Alain Chabat
Born: November 24th 1958 in Oran, Algeria
Alain Delon
Born: November 8th 1935 in Sceaux, France
Alan Arkin
Born: March 26th 1934 in New York City, United States
Alan Bates
Born: February 17th 1934 in Allestree, England
Alan King
Born: December 26th 1927 in New York City, United States
Alan Ladd
Born: September 3rd 1913 in Hot Springs, United States
Alan Rickman
Born: February 21st 1946 in Hammersmith, England
Alan Ruck
Born: July 1st 1956 in Cleveland, United States
Alan Tudyk
Born: March 16th 1971 in El Paso, United States
Alban Lenoir
Born: December 16th 1980 in Dijon, France
Albert Brooks
Born: July 22nd 1947 in Beverly Hills, United States
Albert Dekker
Born: December 20th 1905 in Brooklyn, United States
Albert Finney
Born: May 9th 1936 in Salford, England
Albert Hall
Born: November 10th 1937 in Brighton, United States
Alden Ehrenreich
Born: November 22nd 1989 in Los Angeles, United States
Aldis Hodge
Born: September 20th 1986 in Onslow County, United States
Alec Guinness
Born: April 2nd 1914 in Maida Vale, London, England
Alessandro Nivola
Born: June 28th 1972 in Boston, United States
Alex Cord
Born: May 3rd 1933 in Floral Park, United States
Alex D Linz
Born: January 3rd 1989 in Santa Barbara, United States
Alex Ferns
Born: October 13th 1968 in Lennoxtown, Scotland
Alex Frost
Born: February 17th 1987 in Portland, United States
Alex Pettyfer
Born: April 10th 1990 in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England
Alex Rocco
Born: February 28th 1936 in Boston, United States
Alex Sharp
Born: February 2nd 1989 in Westminster, England

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