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Ahmad Jamal
Born: July 2nd 1930 in Pittsburgh, United States
Al Hirt
Born: November 7th 1922 in New Orleans, United States
Alec Puro
Born: April 25th 1975 in Santa Monica, United States
Alexander O'Neal
Born: November 15th 1953 in Natchez, United States
Aliza Sommer-Herz
Born: November 26th 1903 in Prague, Austria
André 3000
Born: May 27th 1975 in Atlanta, United States
Andrea Corr
Born: May 17th 1974 in Dundalk, Ireland
Andy Taylor
Born: February 16th 1961 in Newcastle, England
Armando Manzanero
Born: December 7th 1935 in Merida, Mexico
Art Garfunkel
Born: November 5th 1941 in Queens, United States
Barbara Mandrell 1991 U.S.O. Show
Barbara Mandrell
Born: December 25th 1948 in Houston, United States
Born: July 8th 1970 in Los Angeles, United States
Becky Hobbs
Born: January 24th 1950 in Bartlesville, United States
Benji Madden
Born: March 11th 1979 in Waldorf, United States
Bernie Taupin
Born: May 22nd 1950 in Lincolnshire, England
Bill Hudson
Born: October 17th 1949 in Portland, United States
Bill Monroe
Born: September 13th 1911 in Rosine, United States
Billy Ocean
Born: January 21st 1950 in Fyzabad, Trinidad and Tobago
Billy Preston
Born: September 2nd 1946 in Houston, United States
Bo Diddley
Born: December 30th 1928 in McComb, United States
Bob Seger
Born: May 6th 1945 in Detroit, United States
Bob Weir
Born: October 16th 1947 in San Francisco, United States
Brad Delp
Born: June 12th 1951 in Peabody, United States
Brad Paisley
Born: October 28th 1972 in Glen Dale, United States
Bradley Nowell
Born: February 22nd 1968 in Long Beach, United States
Brendon Urie
Born: April 12th 1987 in St. George, United States
Bruce Gordon
Born: January 26th 1968 in London, England
Bruce Springsteen
Born: September 23rd 1949 in Long Branch, United States
Buck Owens
Born: August 12th 1929 in Sherman, United States
Buddy Greco
Born: August 14th 1926 in Philadelphia, United States
Buffy Sainte-Marie
Born: February 20th 1941 in Stoneham, United States
Burl Ives
Born: June 14th 1909 in Hunt City, United States
Burt Bacharach
Born: May 12th 1928 in Kansas City, United States
Cait O'Riordan
Born: January 4th 1965 in Lagos, Nigeria
Cal Smith
Born: April 7th 1932 in Gans, United States
Calvin Harris
Born: January 17th 1984 in Dumfries, Scotland
Carl Wilson
Born: December 21st 1946 in Hawthorne, United States
Carlos Santana
Born: July 20th 1947 in Autlan, Mexico
Cee Lo Green
Born: May 30th 1974 in Atlanta, United States
Charles Berry Jr.
Born: October 18th 1926 in St. Louis, United States
Charlie Watts
Born: June 2nd 1941 in Bloomsbury, England
Chastity Bono
Born: March 4th 1969 in Los Angeles, United States
Chet Atkins
Born: June 20th 1924 in Luttrell, United States
Chris Cornell
Born: July 20th 1964 in Seattle, United States
Chuck Berry
Born: October 18th 1926 in St. Louis, United States
Chuck Panozzo
Born: September 20th 1948 in Chicago, United States
Chuckii Booker
Born: December 19th 1962 in Los Angeles, United States
Clarence Frogman Henry
Born: March 19th 1937 in New Orleans, United States
Clark Terry
Born: December 14th 1920 in St. Louis, United States
Claydes Charles Smith
Born: September 6th 1948 in Jersey City, United States

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