Celebrities Born in 1998

This is a summary the celebs who were born in 1998. If you notice that we missed a celebrity birth, please add his or her obituary to our Wiki.

Amandla Stenberg
Born: October 23rd 1998 in Los Angeles, United States
Ariel Winter
Born: January 28th 1998 in Los Angeles, United States
Brian Griffin
Born: December 20th 1998 in Austin, United States
Cailee Spaeny
Born: July 24th 1998 in Springfield, United States
Charlie Tahan
Born: June 11th 1998 in Glen Rock, United States
China Anne McClain
Born: August 25th 1998 in Decatur, United States
Christopher Briney
Born: March 24th 1998 in Danbury, United States
Daisy Edgar-Jones
Born: May 24th 1998 in Islington, England
Elle Fanning
Born: April 9th 1998 in Conyers, United States
Erin Kellyman
Born: October 17th 1998 in Tamworth, Staffordshire,, England
Felix Mallard
Born: May 20th 1998 in Melbourne, Australia
Gattlin Griffith
Born: November 13th 1998 in Los Angeles, United States
Ilda Mason
Born: May 7th 1998 in Panama City, Panama
Isis Hainsworth
Born: October 22nd 1998 in Edinburgh, Scotland
Jaden Smith
Born: July 8th 1998 in Malibu, United States
Jared Higgins
Born: December 2nd 1998 in Chicago, United States
Jimmy Donaldson
Born: May 7th 1998 in Kansas City, United States
Kara Hayward
Born: November 17th 1998 in Winchester, United States
Katie Douglas
Born: October 19th 1998 in Burlington, Canada
Kerris Dorsey
Born: January 9th 1998 in Los Angeles, United States
Kyle Pacek
Born: June 3rd 1998 in Bamburg, United States
Madison Pettis
Born: July 22nd 1998 in Arlington, United States
Maya Hawke
Born: July 8th 1998 in New York City, United States
Mimi Keene
Born: August 5th 1998 in Hertfordshire, England
Odessa Young
Born: January 11th 1998 in Sydney, Australia
Olivia DeJonge
Born: April 30th 1998 in Melbourne, Australia
Paris Berelc
Born: December 29th 1998 in Milwaukee, United States
Rico Rodriguez
Born: July 31st 1998 in College Station, United States
Rish Shah
Born: December 18th 1998 in Enfield, England
Ryan Grantham
Born: December 12th 1998 in Squamish, Canada
Ryan Simpkins
Born: March 25th 1998 in New York City, United States
Spencer List
Born: April 6th 1998 in Miami, United States
Tanner Buchanan
Born: December 8th 1998 in Lima, United States
Theresa Frostad Eggesbø
Born: December 28th 1998 in Frostyville, Norway
Tramell Tillman
Born: August 26th 1998 in Los Angeles, United States
Born: January 23rd 1998 in Plantation, United States
Zachary Gordon
Born: February 15th 1998 in Oak Park, United States

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