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A. A. Milne
Born: January 18th 1882 in London, England
Agatha Christie
Born: September 15th 1890 in Torquay, England
Allegra Huston
Born: August 26th 1964 in London, England
Anne Rice
Born: October 4th 1941 in New Orleans, United States
Annie Ernaux
Born: September 1st 1940 in Lillebonne, France
Annie Reiner
Born: May 11th 1949 in The Bronx, United States
Barbara Bush
Born: November 25th 1981 in Dallas, United States
bell hooks
Born: September 9th 1952 in Hopkinsville, United States
Benjamin Spock
Born: May 2nd 1903 in New Haven, United States
Bernard Kalb
Born: February 4th 1922 in New York City, United States
Beverly Cleary
Born: April 12th 1916 in McMinnville, United States
Brenda Joyce
Born: June 3rd 1963 in Buffalo, United States
Brian Griffin
Born: December 20th 1998 in Austin, United States
Cal Thomas
Born: December 2nd 1942 in Washington, United States
Candy Spelling
Born: September 20th 1945 in Beverly Hills, United States
Chelsea Clinton
Born: February 27th 1980 in Little Rock, United States
Christopher Robin Milne
Born: August 21st 1920 in London, England
Cindy Adams
Born: April 24th 1930 in Manhattan, United States
Clifton Hillegass
Born: April 18th 1918 in Rising City, United States
Clive James
Born: October 7th 1939 in Sydney, Australia
Coretta Scott King
Born: April 27th 1927 in Heiberger, United States
Dan Brown
Born: June 22nd 1964 in Exeter, United States
David Halberstam
Born: April 10th 1934 in New York City, United States
Douglas Adams
Born: March 11th 1952 in Cambridge, England
Dr. Seuss
Born: February 2nd 1904 in Springfield, United States
E. B. White
Born: July 11th 1899 in Mount Vernon, United States
Elie Wiesel
Born: September 30th 1928 in Sighet, Romania
Elizabeth Gilbert
Born: July 18th 1969 in Waterbury, United States
Eric Dickey
Born: July 7th 1961 in Memphis, United States
Gerald Durrell
Born: January 7th 1925 in Jamshedpur, India
Graeme Gibson
Born: August 9th 1934 in London, Canada
Harlan Ellison
Born: May 27th 1934 in Cleveland, United States
Helen Gurley Brown
Born: February 18th 1922 in Green Forest, United States
Helen Keller
Born: June 27th 1880 in Tuscumbia, United States
Herman Wouk
Born: May 27th 1915 in New York, United States
Hilary Mantel
Born: July 6th 1952 in Glossop, England
Howard Waldrop
Born: September 15th 1946 in Houston, United States
Hutton Gibson
Born: August 26th 1918 in Peekskill, United States
Ian Falconer
Born: August 25th 1959 in Ridgefield, United States
J K Rowling
Born: July 31st 1965 in Yate, England
J. D. Salinger
Born: January 1st 1919 in Manhattan, United States
Jack London
Born: January 12th 1876 in San Francisco, United States
James A. Michener
Born: February 3rd 1907 in Doylestown, United States
Jan Berenstain
Born: July 26th 1923 in Philadelphia, United States
Jane Fallon
Born: December 9th 1960 in Harrow, England
Jenna Bush
Born: November 25th 1981 in Dallas, United States
Jesse Blaze Snider
Born: September 19th 1982 in New York, United States
Joanna Cole
Born: August 11th 1944 in Newark, United States
John Grisham
Born: February 8th 1955 in Jonesboro, United States
John le Carré
Born: October 19th 1931 in Poole, England

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