Celebrities Born in 1988

This is a summary the celebs who were born in 1988. If you notice that we missed a celebrity birth, please add his or her obituary to our Wiki.

A$AP Rocky
Born: October 3rd 1988 in New York City, United States
Adam Kubert
Born: January 1st 1988 in Dover, United States
Adam Pålsson
Born: March 25th 1988 in Stockholm, Sweden
Born: May 5th 1988 in London, England
Aimee Carrero
Born: July 15th 1988 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Alexa Vega 2013 (cropped)
Alexa PenaVega
Born: August 27th 1988 in Miami, United States
Alicia Vikander
Born: October 3rd 1988 in Gothenburg, Sweden
Allison Williams
Born: April 13th 1988 in New Canaan, United States
Ambyr Childers
Born: July 18th 1988 in Cottonwood, United States
Ana De Armas
Born: April 30th 1988 in Santa Cruz del Norte, Cuba
Andrew Lawrence
Born: January 12th 1988 in Philadelphia, United States
Anna Osceola
Born: April 8th 1988 in Cambridge, United States
Anna Popplewell
Born: December 16th 1988 in London, England
Ashley Hinshaw
Born: December 11th 1988 in La Porte, United States
Austin Amelio
Born: April 27th 1988 in Austin, United States
Born: June 2nd 1988 in New York City, United States
Barry Otto
Born: January 1st 1988 in Brisbane, Australia
Big Sean
Born: March 25th 1988 in Santa Monica, United States
Billy Gilman
Born: May 24th 1988 in Westerly, United States
Brady Corbet
Born: August 17th 1988 in Scottsdale, United States
Brenda Song
Born: March 27th 1988 in Carmichael, United States
Callie Hernandez
Born: May 24th 1988 in Jacksonville, United States
Calum Scott
Born: October 12th 1988 in Kingston upon Hull, England
Caroline Ford
Born: May 13th 1988 in Chorleywood, Hertfordshire, England
Carolyna De Laurentiis
Born: February 26th 1988 in Hamilton, Italy
Charlie Barnett
Born: February 4th 1988 in Sarasota, United States
Chelsea Edmundson
Born: August 31st 1988 in Poplar Bluff, United States
Chelsea Kane
Born: September 15th 1988 in Phoenix, United States
Chris Browning
Born: January 1st 1988 in Reno, United States
Chris Wood
Born: April 14th 1988 in St. Louis, United States
Christine Quinn
Born: October 14th 1988 in Dallas, United States
Claire Holt
Born: June 11th 1988 in Brisbane, Australia
Cody Anthony
Born: March 4th 1988 in Littleton, United States
Cody Horn
Born: June 12th 1988 in Los Angeles, United States
Conor McGregor
Born: July 14th 1988 in Dublin, Ireland
Corey Hawkins
Born: October 22nd 1988 in Washington, United States
Craig Sager
Born: January 1st 1988 in Batavia, United States
Dane DiLiegro
Born: August 6th 1988 in Lexington, United States
Daniel Kwan
Born: February 10th 1988 in Westborough, United States
Dino Fetscher
Born: June 9th 1988 in Cardiff, Wales
Ed Speleers
Born: April 7th 1988 in Chichester, England
Edith Vonnegut
Born: January 1st 1988 in Schenectady, United States
Elvira Wayans
Born: January 1st 1988 in New York, United States
Emily Browning
Born: December 7th 1988 in Melbourne, Australia
Emily Head
Born: December 15th 1988 in Wandsworth, London, England
Emma Stone
Born: November 6th 1988 in Scottsdale, United States
Emmy Raver-Lampman
Born: September 5th 1988 in Norfolk, United States
Evan Ellingson
Born: July 1st 1988 in Los Angeles County, United States
Evan Ross
Born: August 26th 1988 in Greenwich, United States
Ferdinand Kingsley
Born: February 13th 1988 in Leamington Spa, England

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