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Al Franken
Born: May 21st 1951 in New York City, United States
Ali Wong
Born: April 19th 1982 in San Francisco, United States
Amy Schumer
Born: June 1st 1981 in Manhattan, United States
Amy Stiller
Born: August 9th 1961 in New York City, United States
Andrew Dice Clay
Born: September 29th 1957 in Brooklyn, United States
Andrew Lawrence
Born: January 12th 1988 in Philadelphia, United States
Andy Samberg
Born: August 18th 1978 in Berkeley, United States
Artie Lange
Born: October 11th 1967 in Union Township, United States
Bill Burr
Born: June 10th 1968 in Canton, United States
Bill Hicks
Born: December 16th 1961 in Valdosta, United States
Billy Connolly
Born: November 24th 1942 in Anderston, Scotland
Bob Elliott
Born: March 26th 1923 in Boston, United States
Bob Monkhouse
Born: June 1st 1928 in Beckenham, England
Bobcat Goldthwait
Born: May 26th 1962 in Syracuse, United States
Bret McKenzie
Born: June 29th 1976 in Wellington, New Zealand
Brian Doyle-Murray
Born: October 31st 1945 in Chicago, United States
Brody Stevens
Born: May 22nd 1970 in San Fernando Valley, United States
Cal Wilson
Born: October 5th 1970 in Christchurch, New Zealand
Caroline Rhea
Born: April 13th 1964 in Westmount, Canada
Carrot Top
Born: February 25th 1965 in Rockledge, United States
Cecily Strong
Born: February 8th 1984 in Oak Park, United States
Cedric The Entertainer
Born: April 24th 1964 in Jefferson City, United States
Chico Marx
Born: March 27th 1887 in New York City, United States
Chris Rock
Born: February 7th 1965 in Andrews, United States
Craig Ferguson
Born: May 17th 1962 in Glasgow, Scotland
Craig Shoemaker
Born: November 15th 1962 in Philadelphia, United States
D.L. Hughley
Born: March 6th 1963 in Los Angeles, United States
Dana Carvey, USO
Dana Carvey
Born: June 2nd 1955 in Missoula, United States
Dane Cook
Born: March 18th 1972 in Boston, United States
Darrell Hammond
Born: October 8th 1955 in Melbourne, United States
Dave Chappelle
Born: August 24th 1973 in Washington, United States
Dave Coulier
Born: September 21st 1959 in St. Clair Shores, United States
Dennis Miller
Born: November 3rd 1953 in Pittsburgh, United States
Dick Martin
Born: January 30th 1922 in Battle Creek, United States
Dick Smothers
Born: November 20th 1939 in New York City, United States
Don Rickles
Born: May 8th 1926 in New York City, United States
Dylan Moran
Born: November 3rd 1971 in Navan, Ireland
Eddie Izzard
Born: February 7th 1962 in Aden, Colony of Aden
Edie Adams
Born: April 16th 1927 in Kingston, United States
Flip Wilson
Born: December 8th 1933 in Jersey City, United States
Fortune Feimster
Born: July 1st 1980 in Charlotte, United States
Frank Fontaine
Born: April 19th 1920 in Cambridge, United States
Freddie Prinze
Born: June 22nd 1954 in New York City, United States
Born: July 24th 1946 in Fort Bragg, United States
Garrett Morris
Born: February 1st 1937 in New Orleans, United States
Garry Shandling
Born: November 29th 1949 in Chicago, United States
George Carlin
Born: May 12th 1937 in New York City, United States
Gilbert Gottfried
Born: February 28th 1955 in Brooklyn, United States
Gilda Radner
Born: June 28th 1946 in Detroit, United States
Groucho Marx
Born: October 2nd 1890 in New York City, United States

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