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Alex Borstein
Born: February 15th 1971 in Chicago, United States
Carolyn Lawrence
Born: February 13th 1967 in Baltimore, United States
Christine Cavanaugh
Born: August 16th 1963 in Layton, United States
Christine M. Walton
Born: January 1st 1940 in Washington, United States
Cristina Valenzuela
Born: July 11th 1987 in Norwalk, United States
Elsie Fisher
Born: April 3rd 2003 in Riverside, United States
Erica Luttrell
Born: March 20th 1982 in Toronto, Canada
Janet Waldo
Born: February 4th 1920 in Yakima, United States
Jennifer Hale
Born: January 1st 1965 in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Canada
Jessica Darrow
Born: January 7th 1995 in Miami, United States
Jill Talley
Born: December 19th 1962 in Chicago, United States
Jodi Benson
Born: October 10th 1961 in Rockford, United States
June Foray
Born: September 18th 1917 in Springfield, United States
Kath Soucie
Born: February 20th 1967 in Jacksonville, United States
Kathryn Beaumont
Born: June 27th 1942 in Baltimore, United States
Laura Bailey
Born: May 28th 1981 in Biloxi, United States
Lucille Bliss
Born: March 31st 1916 in New York City, United States
Maile Flanagan
Born: May 19th 1965 in Honolulu, United States
Mary Gibbs
Born: October 5th 1996 in Pasadena, United States
Mary Kay Bergman
Born: June 5th 1961 in Los Angeles, United States
Michaela Jill Murphy
Born: August 18th 1994 in Indianapolis, United States
Pamela Adlon
Born: July 9th 1966 in New York City, United States
Pat Carroll
Born: May 5th 1927 in Shreveport, United States
Philece Sampler
Born: May 16th 1953 in San Angelo, United States
Rachael MacFarlane
Born: March 21st 1976 in Kent, United States
Samantha Weinstein
Born: March 20th 1995 in Toronto, Canada
Sayaka Kanda
Born: October 1st 1986 in Tokyo, Japan
Tara Strong
Born: February 12th 1973 in Toronto, Canada
Teresa Ganzel
Born: March 23rd 1957 in Toledo, United States
Tori Kelly
Born: December 14th 1992 in Wildomar, United States
Tress MacNeille
Born: June 20th 1951 in Chicago, United States
Yeardley Smith
Born: July 3rd 1964 in Paris, France

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