Celebrities Born on May 2nd

This is a summary the celebrities in our wiki who were born on May 2nd. If you notice that we missed a celebrity born this day, please add his or her obituary to our list.

Angela Bofill
Born: May 2nd 1954 in The Bronx, United States
Belinda Stronach
Born: May 2nd 1966 in Newmarket, Canada
Benjamin Spock
Born: May 2nd 1903 in New Haven, United States
Bing Crosby
Born: May 2nd 1903 in Tacoma, United States
Christine Baranski
Born: May 2nd 1952 in Buffalo, United States
Claudia Doumit
Born: May 2nd 1992 in Sydney, Australia
David Beckham
Born: May 2nd 1975 in Leytonstone, England
Donatella Versace
Born: May 2nd 1955 in Reggio di Calabria, Italy
Dwayne Johnson
Born: May 2nd 1972 in Hayward, United States
Elizabeth Berridge
Born: May 2nd 1962 in New Rochelle, United States
Ellie Kemper
Born: May 2nd 1980 in Kansas City, United States
Emily Hart
Born: May 2nd 1986 in Smithtown, United States
Kay Panabaker
Born: May 2nd 1990 in Orange, United States
Lesley Gore
Born: May 2nd 1946 in Brooklyn, United States
Lily Allen
Born: May 2nd 1985 in Hammersmith, England
Lorenzo Music
Born: May 2nd 1937 in Brooklyn, United States
Mitzi Kapture
Born: May 2nd 1962 in Yorba Linda, United States

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