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Aaron Hernandez
Born: November 6th 1989 in Bristol, United States
Aaron Rodgers
Born: December 2nd 1983 in Chico, United States
Art Donovan
Born: June 5th 1924 in Bronx, United States
Calvin Johnson
Born: September 29th 1985 in Newnan, United States
Charley Taylor
Born: September 28th 1941 in Grand Prairie, United States
Chuck Noll
Born: January 5th 1932 in Cleveland, United States
Dan Marino
Born: September 15th 1961 in Pittsburgh, United States
Demaryius Thomas
Born: December 25th 1987 in Montrose, United States
Derrick Thomas
Born: January 1st 1967 in Miami, United States
Dick Butkus
Born: December 9th 1942 in Chicago, United States
Dwayne Haskins
Born: May 3rd 1997 in Highland Park, United States
Gino Marchetti
Born: January 2nd 1926 in Smithers, United States
Jack Snow
Born: January 25th 1943 in Rock Springs, United States
Jaylon Ferguson
Born: December 14th 1995 in Zachary, United States
Jim Brown
Born: February 17th 1936 in St. Simons Island, United States
Jim Otto
Born: January 5th 1938 in Wausau, United States
Joe Namath
Born: May 31st 1943 in Beaver Falls, United States
John Matuszak
Born: October 25th 1950 in Oak Creek, United States
Johnny Unitas
Born: May 7th 1933 in Pittsburgh, United States
Junior Seau
Born: January 19th 1969 in San Diego, United States
Lamar Lundy
Born: April 17th 1935 in Richmond, United States
Lou Holtz
Born: January 6th 1937 in Follansbee, United States
Mark Gastineau
Born: November 20th 1956 in Ardmore, United States
Maurice Clarett
Born: October 29th 1983 in Youngstown, United States
Mike Ditka
Born: October 18th 1939 in Carnegie, United States
Mike Singletary
Born: October 9th 1958 in Houston, United States
O J Brigance
Born: September 29th 1969 in Houston, United States
O. J. Simpson
Born: July 9th 1947 in San Francisco, United States
Pat Tillman
Born: November 6th 1976 in Fremont, United States
Pete Carroll
Born: September 15th 1951 in San Francisco, United States
Philip Adams
Born: July 20th 1988 in Rock Hill, United States
Russell Wilson
Born: November 29th 1988 in Cincinnati, United States
Sean Taylor
Born: April 1st 1983 in Florida City, United States
Stan Brock
Born: June 8th 1958 in Portland, United States
Terry Bradshaw
Born: September 2nd 1948 in Shreveport, United States
Tom Brady
Born: August 3rd 1977 in San Mateo, United States
Uzoma Nwachukwu
Born: December 15th 1990 in Allen, United States

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