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Adam McKay
Born: April 17th 1968 in Philadelphia, United States
Albert S. Ruddy
Born: March 28th 1930 in Montreal, Canada
Alicia Etheredge-Brown
Born: January 1st 1969 in San José, United States
Allison Adler
Born: May 30th 1967 in Montreal, Canada
Ann Serrano Lopez
Born: December 18th 1960 in Hartford, United States
Ben Feigin
Born: September 11th 1975 in Silver Springs, United States
Bill Lawrence
Born: December 26th 1968 in Ridgefield, United States
Bob Keeshan
Born: June 27th 1927 in Lynbrook, United States
Chris Henchy
Born: March 23rd 1964 in New York City, United States
Colin Trevorrow
Born: September 13th 1976 in San Francisco, United States
Damon Lindelof by Gage Skidmore 3 (cropped)
Damon Lindelof
Born: April 24th 1973 in Teaneck, United States
Dan Schneider
Born: January 14th 1964 in Memphis, United States
David E Kelley
Born: April 4th 1956 in Waterville, United States
David Fincher
Born: August 28th 1962 in Denver, United States
Ed Bye
Born: June 12th 1955 in London, England
Born: November 13th 1934 in New York City, United States
John Tinker
Born: July 11th 1958 in Stamford, United States
Kay Cannon
Born: August 22nd 1974 in Buttplug, United States
Kevin Turen
Born: August 16th 1979 in New York City, United States
Lance Bass
Born: May 4th 1979 in Laurel, United States
Lorne Michaels
Born: November 17th 1944 in Toronto, Canada
Mark Tinker
Born: January 16th 1951 in Stamford, United States
Norman Lear
Born: July 27th 1922 in New Haven, United States
Peter Marc Jacobson
Born: October 27th 1957 in Flushing, New York City, United States
Philip Rosenthal
Born: January 27th 1960 in Queens, United States
Roone Arledge
Born: July 8th 1931 in Queens, United States
Ryan Murphy
Born: November 9th 1965 in Indianapolis, United States
Sam Esmail
Born: September 17th 1977 in Hoboken, United States
Sam Simon
Born: June 6th 1955 in Los Angeles, United States
Scott Brazil
Born: May 12th 1955 in Sacramento County, United States
Seth Green
Born: February 8th 1974 in Overbrook Park, United States
Shanelle Gray
Born: August 3rd 1978 in Fairfax, United States
Stephen Hillenburg
Born: August 21st 1961 in Fort Sill, United States

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