Celebrities Who Are/Were Film Producers

This is a summary list of the celebrities in our Film Producer category. If you notice that we missed a famous Film Producer, please add his or her obituary to our Wiki.

Anne Buydens
Born: April 23rd 1930 in Hanover, Germany
Arthur Gardner
Born: June 7th 1910 in Marinette, United States
Barbara De Fina
Born: December 28th 1949 in New Jersey, United States
Bob Balaban
Born: August 16th 1945 in Chicago, United States
Bob Clark
Born: August 5th 1939 in New Orleans, United States
Bob Weinstein
Born: October 18th 1954 in Flushing, United States
Carlo Ponti
Born: December 11th 1912 in Magenta, Italy
Darren Aronofsky
Born: February 12th 1969 in Brooklyn, United States
David Ladd
Born: February 5th 1947 in Los Angeles, United States
David Zucker
Born: October 16th 1947 in Milwaukee, United States
Edgar Lansbury
Born: January 12th 1930 in London, England
Ernie Martin
Born: August 29th 1919 in Pittsburgh, United States
Federico De Laurentiis
Born: February 28th 1955 in Buffalo, United States
Gale Anne Hurd
Born: October 25th 1955 in Los Angeles, United States
Harvey Weinstein
Born: March 19th 1952 in Flushing, United States
Ivan Reitman
Born: October 27th 1946 in Komárno, Czechoslovakia
Jim Lemley
Born: March 9th 1965 in Seattle, United States
Joel Douglas
Born: January 23rd 1947 in Los Angeles, United States
John Daly
Born: July 16th 1937 in London, England
John Lind
Born: May 17th 1955 in Los Angeles, United States
Jonathan Demme
Born: February 22nd 1944 in Baldwin, United States
Judd Apatow
Born: December 6th 1967 in Flushing, New York City, United States
Kevin Feige
Born: June 2nd 1973 in Boston, United States
Kevin Smith
Born: August 2nd 1970 in Red Bank, United States
Kiran Rao
Born: November 7th 1973 in Gadwal, India
Laura Ziskin
Born: March 3rd 1950 in San Fernando Valley, United States
Lauren Shuler Donner
Born: June 23rd 1949 in Cleveland, United States
Lilly Wachowski
Born: December 29th 1967 in Chicago, United States
Lisa Henson
Born: May 9th 1960 in Westchester County, United States
Livia Giuggioli
Born: September 4th 1969 in Rome, Italy
Lou Adler
Born: December 13th 1933 in Chicago, United States
Marc Dorcel
Born: March 27th 1938 in Paris, France
Maria Shriver
Born: November 6th 1955 in Chicago, United States
Martha De Laurentiis
Born: July 10th 1954 in Lancaster, United States
Born: August 9th 1968 in Kalamazoo, United States
Mike White
Born: June 28th 1970 in Pasadena, United States
Mitch Glazer
Born: January 1st 1988 in Key Biscayne, United States
Paul W. S. Anderson
Born: March 4th 1965 in Wallsend, England
Peter Douglas
Born: November 23rd 1955 in Los Angeles, United States
Raffaella De Laurentiis
Born: June 28th 1954 in Milan, Italy
Randall Emmett
Born: March 25th 1971 in Miami, United States
Reena Dutta
Born: January 1st 1985 in Washington, United States
Rick McCallum
Born: August 22nd 1950 in Heidelberg, Germany
Rick Salomon
Born: January 24th 1968 in Asbury Park, United States
Ridley Scott
Born: November 30th 1937 in South Shields, England
Sean Covel
Born: March 4th 1976 in Newcastle, United States
Shauna Robertson
Born: December 18th 1974 in Toronto, Canada
Stephenie Meyer
Born: December 24th 1973 in Hartford, United States
Til Schweiger
Born: December 19th 1963 in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany
Tim Zinnemann
Born: April 15th 1940 in Los Angeles, United States

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