Celebrities Who Are/Were Canadian

This is a summary list of the Canadian celebrities in our Wiki. If you notice that we missed an Canadian celeb, please add his or her obituary to our list.

A. J. Cook
Born: July 22nd 1978 in Oshawa, Canada
Aaron Ashmore
Born: October 7th 1979 in Richmond, Canada
Aaron Douglas
Born: August 23rd 1971 in Vancouver, Canada
Adam Beach
Born: November 11th 1972 in Ashern, Canada
Adam Copeland
Born: October 30th 1973 in Orangeville, Canada
Adam DiMarco
Born: April 14th 1990 in Oakville, Canada
Alaina Kalanj
Born: April 17th 1980 in Vancouver, Canada
Alan Hamel
Born: June 30th 1936 in Toronto, Canada
Alan Thicke
Born: March 1st 1947 in Kirkland Lake, Canada
Alanis Morissette
Born: June 1st 1974 in Ottawa, Canada
Albert S. Ruddy
Born: March 28th 1930 in Montreal, Canada
Albert Schultz
Born: July 30th 1963 in Port Hope, Canada
Alberta Watson
Born: March 6th 1955 in Toronto, Canada
Alex Tanguay
Born: January 21st 1979 in Ste-Justine, Canada
Alex Trebek
Born: July 22nd 1940 in Sudbury, Canada
Alexander Ludwig
Born: May 7th 1992 in Vancouver, Canada
Ali Skovbye
Born: May 16th 2002 in Vancouver, Canada
Alison Pill
Born: November 27th 1985 in Toronto, Canada
Allison Adler
Born: May 30th 1967 in Montreal, Canada
Alyssa Wapanatâhk
Born: January 15th 1998 in Fort McMurray, Canada
Amanda Crew
Born: June 5th 1986 in Langley, Canada
Amanda Walsh
Born: October 3rd 1981 in Rigaud, Canada
Andre De Grasse
Born: November 10th 1994 in Scarborough, Canada
Andrea Roth
Born: September 30th 1967 in Woodstock, Canada
Andrew Coyne
Born: December 23rd 1960 in Ottawa, Canada
Andrew Seeley
Born: April 30th 1982 in Ottawa, Canada
Anna Cathcart
Born: June 16th 2003 in Vancouver, Canada
Anna Paquin
Born: July 24th 1982 in Winnipeg, Canada
Anne Marie DeLuise
Born: August 3rd 1969 in St John's, Canada
Annie Murphy (cropped)
Annie Murphy
Born: December 19th 1986 in Ottawa, Canada
Art Linkletter
Born: July 17th 1912 in Moose Jaw, Canada
Ashby Gentry
Born: July 30th 2001 in Hamilton, Canada
Ashley Leggat
Born: September 26th 1986 in Hamilton, Canada
Athena Karkanis
Born: September 7th 1981 in Lethbridge, Canada
Atom Egoyan
Born: July 19th 1960 in Cairo, Canada
August Ames
Born: August 23rd 1994 in Antigonish, Canada
Avril Lavigne
Born: September 27th 1984 in Belleville, Canada
Barry Pepper
Born: April 4th 1970 in Campbell River, Canada
Belinda Stronach
Born: May 2nd 1966 in Newmarket, Canada
Ben Johnson
Born: December 30th 1961 in Falmouth, Jamaica
Ben Mulroney
Born: March 9th 1976 in Montréal, Canada
Benjamin Hollingsworth
Born: September 7th 1984 in Brockville, Canada
Bobby Hull
Born: January 3rd 1939 in Point Anne, Canada
Brandon Jay McLaren
Born: July 3rd 1981 in Vancouver, Canada
Brendan Fehr
Born: October 29th 1977 in New Westminster, Canada
Brendan Fletcher
Born: December 15th 1981 in Comox Valley, Canada
Brent Carver
Born: November 17th 1957 in Cranbrook, Canada
Brett Somers
Born: July 11th 1924 in Saint John, Canada
Brian McGrattan
Born: January 2nd 1981 in Hamilton, Canada
Brian Mulroney
Born: March 2nd 1939 in Baie-Comeau, Canada

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