Celebrities Born in Canada

This is a summary the celebrities in our wiki who were born in Canada. If you notice that we missed a celebrity from Canada, please add his or her obituary to our list.

A. J. Cook
Born: July 22nd 1978 in Oshawa, Canada
Aaron Ashmore
Born: October 7th 1979 in Richmond, Canada
Aaron Douglas
Born: August 23rd 1971 in Vancouver, Canada
Adam Beach
Born: November 11th 1972 in Ashern, Canada
Adam Copeland
Born: October 30th 1973 in Orangeville, Canada
Adam DiMarco
Born: April 14th 1990 in Oakville, Canada
Alaina Kalanj
Born: April 17th 1980 in Vancouver, Canada
Alan Hamel
Born: June 30th 1936 in Toronto, Canada
Alan Thicke
Born: March 1st 1947 in Kirkland Lake, Canada
Alanis Morissette
Born: June 1st 1974 in Ottawa, Canada
Albert S. Ruddy
Born: March 28th 1930 in Montreal, Canada
Albert Schultz
Born: July 30th 1963 in Port Hope, Canada
Alberta Watson
Born: March 6th 1955 in Toronto, Canada
Alex Tanguay
Born: January 21st 1979 in Ste-Justine, Canada
Alex Trebek
Born: July 22nd 1940 in Sudbury, Canada
Alexander Ludwig
Born: May 7th 1992 in Vancouver, Canada
Ali Skovbye
Born: May 16th 2002 in Vancouver, Canada
Alison Pill
Born: November 27th 1985 in Toronto, Canada
Allison Adler
Born: May 30th 1967 in Montreal, Canada
Alyssa Wapanatâhk
Born: January 15th 1998 in Fort McMurray, Canada
Amanda Crew
Born: June 5th 1986 in Langley, Canada
Amanda Walsh
Born: October 3rd 1981 in Rigaud, Canada
Andre De Grasse
Born: November 10th 1994 in Scarborough, Canada
Andrea Roth
Born: September 30th 1967 in Woodstock, Canada
Andrew Coyne
Born: December 23rd 1960 in Ottawa, Canada
Andrew Seeley
Born: April 30th 1982 in Ottawa, Canada
Anna Cathcart
Born: June 16th 2003 in Vancouver, Canada
Anna Paquin
Born: July 24th 1982 in Winnipeg, Canada
Anne Marie DeLuise
Born: August 3rd 1969 in St John's, Canada
Annie Murphy (cropped)
Annie Murphy
Born: December 19th 1986 in Ottawa, Canada
Art Linkletter
Born: July 17th 1912 in Moose Jaw, Canada
Ashby Gentry
Born: July 30th 2001 in Hamilton, Canada
Ashley Leggat
Born: September 26th 1986 in Hamilton, Canada
Athena Karkanis
Born: September 7th 1981 in Lethbridge, Canada
Atom Egoyan
Born: July 19th 1960 in Cairo, Canada
August Ames
Born: August 23rd 1994 in Antigonish, Canada
Avril Lavigne
Born: September 27th 1984 in Belleville, Canada
Barry Pepper
Born: April 4th 1970 in Campbell River, Canada
Belinda Stronach
Born: May 2nd 1966 in Newmarket, Canada
Ben Mulroney
Born: March 9th 1976 in Montréal, Canada
Benjamin Hollingsworth
Born: September 7th 1984 in Brockville, Canada
Bobby Hull
Born: January 3rd 1939 in Point Anne, Canada
Brandon Jay McLaren
Born: July 3rd 1981 in Vancouver, Canada
Brendan Fehr
Born: October 29th 1977 in New Westminster, Canada
Brendan Fletcher
Born: December 15th 1981 in Comox Valley, Canada
Brent Carver
Born: November 17th 1957 in Cranbrook, Canada
Brett Somers
Born: July 11th 1924 in Saint John, Canada
Brian McGrattan
Born: January 2nd 1981 in Hamilton, Canada
Brian Mulroney
Born: March 2nd 1939 in Baie-Comeau, Canada
Britne Oldford
Born: July 23rd 1992 in Toronto, Canada

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