Celebrities Born in 1948

This is a summary the celebs who were born in 1948. If you notice that we missed a celebrity birth, please add his or her obituary to our Wiki.

A Martinez
Born: September 27th 1948 in Glendale, United States
Al Gore
Born: March 31st 1948 in Washington, United States
Andrew Lloyd Webber
Born: March 22nd 1948 in London, England
Avery Brooks
Born: October 2nd 1948 in Evansville, United States
Barbara Hershey TIFF 2010
Barbara Hershey
Born: February 5th 1948 in Hollywood, United States
Barbara Mandrell 1991 U.S.O. Show
Barbara Mandrell
Born: December 25th 1948 in Houston, United States
Bernadette Peters
Born: February 28th 1948 in Queens, United States
Bill Cowsill
Born: January 9th 1948 in Middletown, United States
Billy Crystal
Born: March 14th 1948 in Long Beach, United States
Bonnie Bedelia
Born: March 25th 1948 in New York City, United States
Bryant Gumbel
Born: September 29th 1948 in New Orleans, United States
Bud Cort
Born: March 29th 1948 in New Rochelle, United States
Carl Weathers
Born: January 14th 1948 in New Orleans, United States
Cecilia Hart
Born: February 19th 1948 in Cheyenne, United States
Christopher Guest
Born: February 5th 1948 in New York, United States
Chuck Panozzo
Born: September 20th 1948 in Chicago, United States
Clarence Thomas
Born: June 23rd 1948 in Pin Point, United States
Claydes Charles Smith
Born: September 6th 1948 in Jersey City, United States
Daria Halprin
Born: December 30th 1948 in San Francisco, United States
Dee Wallace
Born: December 14th 1948 in Kansas City, United States
Dennis Waterman
Born: February 24th 1948 in Clapham, London, England
Dianne Wiest
Born: March 28th 1948 in Kansas City, United States
Donna Summer
Born: December 31st 1948 in Boston, United States
Edwige Fenech
Born: December 24th 1948 in Bône, Algeria
Frances Tomelty
Born: October 6th 1948 in Belfast, Northern Ireland
George Gerdes
Born: February 23rd 1948 in New York, United States
George Wendt
Born: October 17th 1948 in Chicago, United States
Georgia Engel
Born: July 28th 1948 in Washington, United States
Gregory Itzin
Born: April 20th 1948 in Washington, United States
Ina Garten
Born: February 2nd 1948 in Brooklyn, United States
James Avery
Born: November 27th 1948 in Suffolk, United States
James Cosmo
Born: May 24th 1948 in Clydebank, Scotland
James Rebhorn
Born: September 1st 1948 in Philadelphia, United States
Jaya Bhaduri
Born: April 9th 1948 in Jabalpur, India
Jean Reno
Born: July 30th 1948 in Casablanca, Morocco
Jeramie Rain
Born: August 23rd 1948 in Charleston, United States
Jeremy Irons
Born: September 19th 1948 in Cowes, England
Jerry Mathers 1959
Jerry Mathers
Born: June 2nd 1948 in Sioux City, United States
Jo Beth Williams
Born: December 6th 1948 in Houston, United States
John Carpenter
Born: January 16th 1948 in Carthage, United States
John De Lancie
Born: November 13th 1948 in Philadelphia, United States
John Noble
Born: August 20th 1948 in Port Pirie, Australia
John Ritter
Born: September 17th 1948 in Burbank, United States
Johnny Mountain
Born: June 12th 1948 in Los Angeles, United States
Jonathan Hyde
Born: May 21st 1948 in Brisbane, Australia
Judyann Elder
Born: August 18th 1948 in Cleveland, United States
Julia Cameron
Born: March 4th 1948 in Libertyville, United States
Kate Jackson 1976
Kate Jackson
Born: October 29th 1948 in Birmingham, United States
Kathy Bates
Born: June 28th 1948 in Memphis, United States
Keith Knudsen
Born: February 18th 1948 in Le Mars, United States

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