Celebrities Born in 1960

This is a summary the celebs who were born in 1960. If you notice that we missed a celebrity birth, please add his or her obituary to our Wiki.

Amy Grant
Born: November 25th 1960 in Augusta, United States
Andrea Thompson
Born: January 6th 1960 in Dayton, United States
Andrew Coyne
Born: December 23rd 1960 in Ottawa, Canada
Anita Lane
Born: March 18th 1960 in Melbourne, Australia
Ann Serrano Lopez
Born: December 18th 1960 in Hartford, United States
Annabella Sciorra at the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival
Annabella Sciorra
Born: March 29th 1960 in Wethersfield, United States
Anne Parillaud
Born: May 6th 1960 in Paris, France
Antonio Banderas
Born: August 10th 1960 in Málaga, Spain
Ashley Crow
Born: August 25th 1960 in Birmingham, United States
Atom Egoyan
Born: July 19th 1960 in Cairo, Canada
Ayrton Senna
Born: March 21st 1960 in São Paulo, Brazil
B D Wong
Born: October 24th 1960 in San Francisco, United States
Bonnie Aarons
Born: September 9th 1960 in Los Angeles, United States
Born: May 10th 1960 in Dublin, Ireland
Brad Garrett
Born: April 14th 1960 in Woodland Hills, United States
Bradley Walsh
Born: June 4th 1960 in Watford, England
Brenda Strong
Born: March 25th 1960 in Brightwood, United States
Brian Peck
Born: July 29th 1960 in Huntington, United States
Callum Keith Rennie
Born: September 14th 1960 in Sunderland, England
Cathy Moriarty
Born: November 29th 1960 in The Bronx, United States
Chris Elliott
Born: May 31st 1960 in New York City, United States
Chris Potter
Born: August 23rd 1960 in Toronto, Canada
Colette Kilroy
Born: February 4th 1960 in Hoboken, United States
Colin Firth
Born: September 10th 1960 in Grayshott, England
Courtney B Vance
Born: March 12th 1960 in Detroit, United States
Craig Sheffer
Born: April 23rd 1960 in York, United States
Damon Wayans
Born: September 4th 1960 in New York City, United States
Dana Wheeler-Nicholson
Born: October 9th 1960 in New York City, United States
Daniel Baldwin
Born: October 5th 1960 in Massapequa, United States
Daryl Hannah by Dana Fineman
Daryl Hannah
Born: December 3rd 1960 in Chicago, United States
David Duchovny
Born: August 7th 1960 in New York City, United States
David James Elliott
Born: September 21st 1960 in Milton, Canada
Doug Hutchison
Born: May 26th 1960 in Dover, United States
Doug Jones
Born: May 24th 1960 in Indianapolis, United States
Elizabeth Perkins
Born: November 18th 1960 in Queens, United States
Emma Samms
Born: August 28th 1960 in London, England
Erin Moran (cropped)
Erin Moran
Born: October 18th 1960 in Burbank, United States
Glenn McQueen
Born: December 24th 1960 in Toronto, Canada
Greta Scacchi
Born: February 18th 1960 in Milan, Italy
Hiroyuki Sanada
Born: October 12th 1960 in Tokyo, Japan
Hugh Grant
Born: September 9th 1960 in London, England
Hugo Weaving
Born: April 4th 1960 in Ibadan, Nigeria
Isabel Coixet
Born: April 9th 1960 in Barcelona, Spain
James Spader
Born: February 7th 1960 in Boston, United States
Jane Fallon
Born: December 9th 1960 in Harrow, England
Jane Lynch
Born: July 14th 1960 in Dolton, United States
Jayne Brook
Born: September 16th 1960 in Northbrook, United States
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Born: October 18th 1960 in Berchem-Sainte-Agathe, Belgium
Jeffrey Dahmer
Born: May 21st 1960 in Milwaukee, United States
Jennifer Grey
Born: March 26th 1960 in New York City, United States

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