Celebrities Who Are/Were Criminals

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Aileen Wuornos
Born: February 29th 1956 in Rochester, United States
Al Capone
Born: January 17th 1899 in New York City, United States
Andrea Yates
Born: July 2nd 1964 in Houston, United States
Andrew Cunanan
Born: August 31st 1969 in National City, United States
Anthony Sowell
Born: August 19th 1959 in Columbus, United States
Bernard Madoff
Bernard Madoff
Born: April 29th 1938 in Queens, United States
Charles Manson
Born: November 12th 1934 in Cincinnati, United States
Danny Rolling
Born: May 26th 1954 in Shreveport, United States
David Parker Ray
Born: November 6th 1939 in Belen, United States
Fred LaRue
Born: October 11th 1928 in Athens, United States
Fred West
Born: September 29th 1941 in Much Marcle, England
G Gordon Liddy
Born: November 30th 1930 in Hoboken, United States
Harold Shipman
Born: January 14th 1946 in Nottingham, England
Harvey Carignan
Born: May 18th 1927 in Fargo, United States
Ira Einhorn
Born: May 15th 1940 in Philadelphia, United States
James Burke
Born: July 5th 1931 in New York City, United States
James Earl Ray
Born: March 10th 1928 in Alton, United States
Jeffrey Dahmer
Born: May 21st 1960 in Milwaukee, United States
John Gotti
Born: October 27th 1940 in The Bronx, United States
John List
Born: September 17th 1925 in Bay City, United States
John Wayne Gacy
Born: March 17th 1942 in Chicago, United States
Lee Harvey Oswald
Born: October 18th 1939 in New Orleans, United States
Lisa Montgomery
Born: February 27th 1968 in Melvern, United States
Myra Hindley
Born: July 23rd 1942 in Crumpsall, England
Osama bin Laden
Born: March 10th 1957 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Ottis Toole
Born: March 5th 1947 in Jacksonville, United States
Peter Sutcliffe
Born: June 2nd 1946 in Bingley, England
Reginald Kray
Born: October 24th 1933 in Hoxton, London, England
Ronald DeFeo Jr.
Born: September 26th 1951 in Brooklyn, United States
Ronald Kray
Born: October 24th 1933 in Hoxton, London, England
Ronnie Biggs
Born: August 8th 1929 in London, England
Sirhan Sirhan
Born: March 19th 1944 in Jerusalem, Palestine
Susan Atkins
Born: May 7th 1948 in San Gabriel, United States
Ted Bundy
Born: November 24th 1946 in Burlington, United States
Ted Kaczynski 2 (cropped)
Ted Kaczynski
Born: May 22nd 1942 in Chicago, United States
Tsutomu Miyazaki
Born: August 21st 1962 in Itsukaichi, Japan
William Herbert Wallace
Born: August 29th 1878 in Millom, England

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