Celebrities Who Are/Were Voice Actors

This is a summary list of the celebrities in our Voice Actor category. If you notice that we missed a famous Voice Actor, please add his or her obituary to our Wiki.

Alex Borstein
Born: February 15th 1971 in Chicago, U.S.
Andrew Stanton
Born: December 3rd 1965 in Boston, U.S.
Billy West
Born: April 16th 1950 in Detroit, U.S.
Bob Peterson
Born: January 18th 1961 in Wooster, U.S.
Carolyn Lawrence
Born: February 13th 1967 in Baltimore, U.S.
Clancy Brown
Born: January 5th 1959 in Urbana, U.S.
Dan Castellaneta
Born: October 29th 1957 in Chicago, U.S.
David Herman
Born: February 20th 1967 in New York City, U.S.
Dee Bradley Baker
Born: August 31st 1962 in Bloomington, U.S.
Frank Welker
Born: March 12th 1946 in Denver, U.S.
Grey Griffin
Born: August 24th 1973 in FortOrd, U.S.
Hank Azaria
Born: April 25th 1964 in Queens, U.S.
Harry Shearer
Born: December 23rd 1943 in Los Angeles, U.S.
James Arnold Taylor
Born: July 22nd 1969 in Santa Barbara, U.S.
Jason Marsden
Born: January 3rd 1975 in Providence, U.S.
Jeff Bennett
Born: October 2nd 1962 in Houston, U.S.
Jennifer Hale
Born: January 1st 1965 in Happy Valley – Goose Bay, Canada
Jill Talley
Born: December 19th 1962 in Chicago, U.S.
Jim Cummings
Born: November 3rd 1952 in Youngstown, U.S.
Jodi Benson
Born: October 10th 1961 in Rockford, U.S.
John DiMaggio
Born: September 4th 1968 in North Plainfield, U.S.
John Kassir
Born: October 24th 1957 in Baltimore, U.S.
Johnny Yong Bosch
Born: January 6th 1976 in Kansas City, U.S.
Josh Keaton
Born: February 8th 1979 in Pasadena, U.S.
Judy Greer
Born: July 20th 1975 in Detroit, U.S.
June Foray
Born: September 18th 1917 in Springfield, U.S.
Kath Soucie
Born: February 20th 1967 in Jacksonville, U.S.
Ken Nordine
Born: April 13th 1920 in Cherokee, U.S.
Kevin Michael Richardson
Born: October 25th 1964 in Bronx, U.S.
Laura Bailey
Born: May 28th 1981 in Biloxi, U.S.
Maile Flanagan
Born: May 19th 1965 in Honolulu, U.S.
Mark Walton
Born: October 24th 1968 in Salt Lake City, U.S.
Mary Gibbs
Born: October 5th 1996 in Pasadena, U.S.
Maurice LaMarche
Born: March 30th 1958 in Toronto, Canada
Michael Dorn
Born: December 9th 1952 in Luling, U.S.
Michaela Jill Murphy
Born: August 18th 1994 in Indianapolis, U.S.
Miguel Ferrer
Born: February 7th 1955 in Santa Monica, U.S.
Mike Henry
Born: March 25th 1964 in Richmond, U.S.
Nolan North
Born: October 31st 1970 in New Haven, U.S.
Pamela Adlon
Born: July 9th 1966 in New York City, U.S.
Peter Cullen
Born: July 28th 1941 in Montreal, Canada
Phil La Marr
Born: January 24th 1967 in Los Angeles, U.S.
Philece Sampler
Born: May 16th 1953 in San Angelo, U.S.
Rachael MacFarlane
Born: March 21st 1976 in Kent, U.S.
Robin Atkin Downes
Born: September 6th 1976 in London, England
Sam Riegel
Born: October 9th 1976 in Washington, U.S.
Sanaa Lathan
Born: September 19th 1971 in New York City, U.S.
Steve Blum
Born: April 28th 1965 in Santa Monica, U.S.
Tara Strong
Born: February 12th 1973 in Toronto, Canada
Teresa Ganzel
Born: March 23rd 1957 in Toledo, U.S.

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