Celebrities Born in Japan

This is a summary the celebrities in our wiki who were born in Japan. If you notice that we missed a celebrity from Japan, please add his or her obituary to our list.

Akira Kurosawa
Born: March 23rd 1910 in Tokyo, Japan
Brian Tee
Born: March 15th 1977 in Okinawa, Japan
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
Born: September 27th 1950 in Tokyo, Japan
Chiaki Kuriyama
Born: October 10th 1984 in Tsuchiura, Japan
Eileen Saki
Born: November 18th 1943 in Tokyo, Japan
Erich Anderson
Born: October 24th 1956 in Sagamihara, Japan
Glenn Howerton
Born: April 13th 1976 in Tokyo, Japan
Hiroyuki Sanada
Born: October 12th 1960 in Tokyo, Japan
Joan Fontaine
Born: October 22nd 1917 in Tokyo, Japan
Ken Watanabe
Born: October 21st 1959 in Uonuma, Japan
Leisha Hailey
Born: July 11th 1971 in USCAR, Japan
Liv Ullmann
Born: December 16th 1938 in Tokyo, Japan
Born: November 16th 1996 in Tokyo, Japan
Marie Kondo
Born: October 9th 1984 in Tokyo, Japan
Masi Oka
Born: December 27th 1974 in Tokyo, Japan
Merle Dandridge
Born: May 31st 1975 in Okinawa, Japan
Naomi Osaka
Born: October 16th 1997 in Osaka, Japan
Olivia De Havilland
Born: July 1st 1916 in Tokyo, Japan
Rina Sawayama
Born: August 16th 1990 in Niigata, Japan
Rinko Kikuchi
Born: January 6th 1981 in Hadano, Japan
Samaire Armstrong
Born: October 31st 1980 in Tokyo, Japan
Satoru Iwata
Born: December 6th 1959 in Sapporo, Japan
Sayaka Kanda
Born: October 1st 1986 in Tokyo, Japan
Sonoya Mizuno
Born: July 1st 1986 in Tokyo, Japan
Tadanobu Asano
Born: November 27th 1973 in Yokohama, Japan
Takeshi Kitano
Born: January 18th 1947 in Tokyo, Japan
Tamlyn Tomita
Born: January 27th 1966 in Okinawa, Japan
Tao Tsuchiya
Born: February 3rd 1995 in Tokyo, Japan
Tsutomu Miyazaki
Born: August 21st 1962 in Itsukaichi, Japan
Victoria Principal
Born: January 3rd 1950 in Fukuoka, Japan
Yoko Ono
Born: February 18th 1933 in Saitama, Japan
Zach Bryan
Born: April 2nd 1996 in Okinawa, Japan

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