Celebrities Born in California

This is a list of the celebrities who were born in California. If you notice that we missed someone famous from California, please add his or her obituary to our Wiki.

A Martinez
Born: September 27th 1948 in Glendale, California
Aaron Eckhart
Born: March 12th 1968 in Cupertino, California
Aaron Rodgers
Born: December 2nd 1983 in Chico, California
Abby Ryder Fortson
Born: March 14th 2008 in Burbank, California
Abigail Ochse
Born: February 14th 1985 in Washington, California
Adam Brody
Born: December 15th 1979 in San Diego, California
Adam Driver
Born: November 19th 1983 in San Diego, California
Adam Goldberg
Born: October 25th 1970 in Santa Monica, California
Adam Hollander
Born: October 14th 1964 in Los Angeles, California
Adam Johnson
Born: May 12th 1973 in Santa Monica, California
Adam Levine
Born: March 18th 1979 in Los Angeles, California
Adam Nimoy
Born: August 9th 1956 in Los Angeles, California
Adam Scott
Born: April 3rd 1973 in Santa Cruz, California
Adrienne Barbeau
Born: June 11th 1945 in Sacramento, California
Agnes Bruckner
Born: August 16th 1985 in Hollywood, California
Ahna O'Reilly
Born: September 21st 1984 in Palo Alto, California
Aidan Gallagher
Born: September 18th 2003 in Los Angeles, California
Aimee Brooks
Born: November 19th 1974 in Los Angeles, California
Aimee Teegarden
Born: October 10th 1989 in Downey, California
Aisha Tyler
Born: September 18th 1970 in San Francisco, California
Alan Hale
Born: March 8th 1921 in Los Angeles, California
Alana Stewart
Born: May 18th 1945 in San Diego, California
Alanna Ubach
Born: October 3rd 1975 in Downey, California
Albert Brooks
Born: July 22nd 1947 in Beverly Hills, California
Alden Ehrenreich
Born: November 22nd 1989 in Los Angeles, California
Alec Puro
Born: April 25th 1975 in Santa Monica, California
Alessandra Torresani
Born: May 29th 1987 in Palo Alto, California
Alex D Linz
Born: January 3rd 1989 in Santa Barbara, California
Alex Martin
Born: November 11th 1973 in Los Angeles, California
Alex Spanos
Born: September 28th 1923 in Stockton, California
Alex Tyler
Born: January 1st 1966 in Washington, California
Alexa Demie
Born: December 11th 1990 in Los Angeles, California
Alexander Gould
Born: May 4th 1994 in Los Angeles, California
Alexandra Cassavetes
Born: September 21st 1965 in Los Angeles, California
Alexandra Hedison
Born: July 10th 1969 in Los Angeles, California
Alexis Arquette
Born: July 28th 1969 in Los Angeles, California
Alexis Thorpe
Born: April 19th 1980 in Newport Beach, California
Alfonso Freeman
Born: September 13th 1959 in Los Angeles, California
Ali Hillis
Born: December 29th 1978 in Huntington Beach, California
Ali Wong
Born: April 19th 1982 in San Francisco, California
Alia Shawkat
Born: April 18th 1989 in Riverside, California
Alice Greczyn
Born: February 6th 1986 in Walnut Creek, California
Alicia Parlette
Born: January 11th 1982 in Granite Bay, California
Alicia Silverstone
Born: October 4th 1976 in San Francisco, California
Alison Brie
Born: December 29th 1982 in Hollywood, California
Alison Eastwood
Born: May 22nd 1972 in Carmel, California
Alison Lohman
Born: September 18th 1979 in Palm Springs, California
Alison Sweeney
Born: September 19th 1976 in Los Angeles, California
Allison Scagliotti
Born: September 21st 1990 in Monterey, California
Alvin Martin
Born: November 21st 1955 in Washington, California

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