Celebrities Who Are/Were New Zealander

This is a summary list of the New Zealander celebrities in our Wiki. If you notice that we missed an New Zealander celeb, please add his or her obituary to our list.

Aaron Jeffery
Born: August 25th 1970 in Auckland, New Zealand
Alan Dale
Born: May 6th 1947 in Dunedin, New Zealand
Andrew Adamson
Born: December 1st 1966 in Auckland, New Zealand
Anna-Louise Plowman
Born: May 9th 1972 in Napier, New Zealand
Billy Apple
Born: December 31st 1935 in Auckland, New Zealand
Bret McKenzie
Born: June 29th 1976 in Wellington, New Zealand
Bruce Spence
Born: September 17th 1945 in Auckland, New Zealand
David de Lautour
Born: November 28th 1982 in Christchurch, New Zealand
Derryn Hinch
Born: February 9th 1944 in New Plymouth, New Zealand
Edmund Hillary
Born: July 20th 1919 in Auckland, New Zealand
Erana James
Born: February 16th 1999 in Whang─ürei, New Zealand
Gina Bellman
Born: July 10th 1966 in Auckland, New Zealand
Jane Campion
Born: April 30th 1954 in Wellington, New Zealand
Karl Urban
Born: June 7th 1972 in Wellington, New Zealand
Lucy Lawless
Born: March 29th 1968 in Mount Albert, New Zealand
Martin Campbell
Born: October 24th 1943 in Hastings, New Zealand
Martin Henderson
Born: October 8th 1974 in Auckland, New Zealand
Marton Csokas
Born: June 30th 1966 in Invercargill, New Zealand
Pamela Stephenson
Born: December 4th 1949 in Takapuna, New Zealand
Rachel Hunter LF
Rachel Hunter
Born: September 9th 1969 in Auckland, New Zealand
Rob Hall
Born: January 14th 1961 in Christchurch, New Zealand
Sala Baker
Born: September 22nd 1976 in Wellington, New Zealand
Taika Waititi
Born: August 16th 1975 in Wellington, New Zealand
Temuera Morrison
Born: December 26th 1960 in Rotorua, New Zealand
Thomasin McKenzie
Born: July 26th 2000 in Wellington, New Zealand

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