Celebrities Born in Arkansas

This is a list of the celebrities who were born in Arkansas. If you notice that we missed someone famous from Arkansas, please add his or her obituary to our Wiki.

Al Green
Born: April 13th 1946 in Dansby, Arkansas
Alan Ladd
Born: September 3rd 1913 in Hot Springs, Arkansas
Bass Reeves
Born: July 1st 1838 in Crawford County, Arkansas
Bill Clinton
Born: August 19th 1946 in Hope, Arkansas
Billy Bob Thornton
Born: August 4th 1955 in Hot Springs, Arkansas
Charlie Rich
Born: December 14th 1932 in Colt, Arkansas
Chelsea Clinton
Born: February 27th 1980 in Little Rock, Arkansas
Clark Duke
Born: May 5th 1985 in Glenwood, Arkansas
Corin Nemec
Born: November 5th 1971 in Little Rock, Arkansas
Daniel Davis
Born: November 26th 1945 in Gurdon, Arkansas
David Frizzell
Born: September 26th 1941 in El Dorado, Arkansas
David Gordon Green
Born: April 9th 1975 in Little Rock, Arkansas
Dick Powell
Born: November 14th 1904 in Mountain View, Arkansas
Frank Bonner
Born: February 28th 1942 in Little Rock, Arkansas
George Newbern
Born: December 10th 1964 in Little Rock, Arkansas
Georgia Holt
Born: June 9th 1926 in Kensett, Arkansas
Gil Gerard
Born: January 23rd 1943 in Little Rock, Arkansas
Glen Campbell
Born: April 22nd 1936 in Delight, Arkansas
Helen Gurley Brown
Born: February 18th 1922 in Green Forest, Arkansas
Hunter Doohan
Born: January 19th 1994 in Fort Smith, Arkansas
Jim Ed Brown
Born: April 1st 1934 in Sparkman, Arkansas
Joey Lauren Adams
Born: January 9th 1968 in Little Rock, Arkansas
John Grisham
Born: February 8th 1955 in Jonesboro, Arkansas
John T. Walton
Born: October 8th 1946 in Newport, Arkansas
Johnny Cash
Born: February 26th 1932 in Kingsland, Arkansas
Jonathan Hensleigh
Born: February 13th 1959 in Wandering Creek, Arkansas
Josh Lucas
Born: June 20th 1971 in Little Rock, Arkansas
K.T. Oslin
Born: May 15th 1942 in Crossett, Arkansas
Leon Russom
Born: December 6th 1941 in Little Rock, Arkansas
Levon Helm
Born: May 26th 1940 in Elaine, Arkansas
Lisa Blount
Born: July 1st 1957 in Fayetteville, Arkansas
Martin Delray
Born: September 29th 1949 in Texarkana, Arkansas
Mary Mouser
Born: May 9th 1996 in Pine Bluff, Arkansas
Mary Steenburgen
Born: February 8th 1953 in Newport, Arkansas
Melinda Dillon
Born: October 13th 1939 in Hope, Arkansas
Michael Tinsley
Born: April 21st 1984 in Little Rock, Arkansas
Rebecca Balding
Born: September 21st 1948 in Little Rock, Arkansas
Rex Humbard
Born: August 13th 1919 in Little Rock, Arkansas
Ronnie Hawkins 2019
Ronnie Hawkins
Born: January 10th 1935 in Huntsville, Arkansas
Tommy Tiny Lister
Born: June 24th 1958 in Pine Bluff, Arkansas
Webster Hubbell
Born: January 18th 1988 in Little Rock, Arkansas
Wes Bentley
Born: September 4th 1978 in Jonesboro, Arkansas

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