Celebrities Born in Wisconsin

This is a list of the celebrities who were born in Wisconsin. If you notice that we missed someone famous from Wisconsin, please add his or her obituary to our Wiki.

Aimee Graham
Born: September 20th 1971 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Allen Ludden
Born: October 5th 1917 in Mineral Point, Wisconsin
Amy Pietz
Born: March 6th 1969 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Andrea Anders
Born: May 10th 1975 in Madison, Wisconsin
Arthur Gardner
Born: June 7th 1910 in Marinette, Wisconsin
Bob Uecker
Born: January 26th 1935 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Bobby Hatfield
Born: August 10th 1940 in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
Bonnie Bartlett
Born: June 20th 1929 in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
Bradley Whitford
Born: October 10th 1959 in Madison, Wisconsin
Bruce Wagner
Born: March 20th 1954 in Madison, Wisconsin
Bud Grant
Born: May 20th 1927 in Superior, Wisconsin
Calahan Skogman
Born: May 13th 1993 in Green Bay, Wisconsin
Charlotte Rae
Born: April 22nd 1926 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Chris Farley
Born: February 15th 1964 in Madison, Wisconsin
Chris Noth
Born: November 13th 1954 in Madison, Wisconsin
Dan Haggerty
Born: November 19th 1941 in Pound, Wisconsin
David Leitch
Born: November 16th 1975 in Kohler, Wisconsin
David Zucker
Born: October 16th 1947 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Deidre Hall
Born: October 31st 1947 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Dick Trickle
Born: October 27th 1941 in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
Don Ameche
Born: May 31st 1908 in Kenosha, Wisconsin
Eric Szmanda
Born: July 24th 1975 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Frank Lloyd Wright
Born: June 8th 1867 in Richland Center, Wisconsin
Fredric March
Born: August 31st 1897 in Racine, Wisconsin
Gena Rowlands
Born: June 19th 1930 in Madison, Wisconsin
Gene Wilder
Born: June 11th 1933 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Heather Graham
Born: January 29th 1970 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Jackie Mason
Born: June 9th 1928 in Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Jane Kaczmarek
Born: December 21st 1955 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Jessica Szohr
Born: March 31st 1985 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Jim Abrahams
Born: May 10th 1944 in Shorewood, Wisconsin
Jim Otto
Born: January 5th 1938 in Wausau, Wisconsin
John Farley
Born: October 29th 1968 in Madison, Wisconsin
John Fiedler
Born: February 3rd 1925 in Platteville, Wisconsin
John Matuszak
Born: October 25th 1950 in Oak Creek, Wisconsin
Kathryn Meisle
Born: June 7th 1960 in Appleton, Wisconsin
Kato Kaelin
Born: March 9th 1959 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Kevin Gage
Born: May 26th 1959 in Green Bay, Wisconsin
Kristin Bauer
Born: November 26th 1966 in Racine, Wisconsin
Kurtwood Smith
Born: July 3rd 1943 in New Lisbon, Wisconsin
Mark Ruffalo
Born: November 22nd 1967 in Kenosha, Wisconsin
Michael Ritchie
Born: November 28th 1938 in Waukesha, Wisconsin
Orson Welles
Born: May 6th 1916 in Kenosha, Wisconsin
Paris Berelc
Born: December 29th 1998 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Paul Shenar
Born: February 12th 1936 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Peter Weller
Born: June 24th 1947 in Stevens Point, Wisconsin
Rachel Brosnahan
Born: July 12th 1990 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Shannon Whirry
Born: November 7th 1964 in Green Lake, Wisconsin
Spencer Tracy
Born: April 5th 1900 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Tom Snyder
Born: May 12th 1936 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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