Celebrities Born in 1936

This is a summary the celebs who were born in 1936. If you notice that we missed a celebrity birth, please add his or her obituary to our Wiki.

Al Goldstein
Born: January 10th 1936 in New York City, United States
Alan Alda 2015
Alan Alda
Born: January 28th 1936 in New York City, United States
Alan Hamel
Born: June 30th 1936 in Toronto, Canada
Albert Finney
Born: May 9th 1936 in Salford, England
Alex Rocco
Born: February 28th 1936 in Boston, United States
Anthony Zerbe
Born: May 20th 1936 in Long Beach, United States
Arlene Golonka
Born: January 23rd 1936 in Chicago, United States
Art Metrano
Born: September 22nd 1936 in New York City, United States
Barbara Jordan
Born: February 21st 1936 in Houston, United States
Barbara Turner
Born: July 14th 1936 in New York, United States
Bruce Dern
Born: June 4th 1936 in Chicago, United States
Buddy Guy
Born: July 30th 1936 in Lettsworth, United States
Burt Reynolds
Born: February 11th 1936 in Waycross, United States
Charlie Daniels
Born: October 28th 1936 in Wilmington, United States
David Carradine
Born: December 8th 1936 in Los Angeles, United States
David Cryer
Born: March 8th 1936 in Evanston, United States
Dean Stockwell
Born: March 5th 1936 in Hollywood, United States
Dennis Hopper
Born: May 17th 1936 in Dodge City, United States
Doug Kershaw
Born: January 24th 1936 in Tiel Ridge, United States
Elizabeth Dole
Born: July 29th 1936 in Salisbury, United States
Frank Stella
Born: May 12th 1936 in Malden, United States
Frederic Forrest
Born: December 23rd 1936 in Waxahachie, United States
Glen Campbell
Born: April 22nd 1936 in Delight, United States
Hector Elizondo
Born: December 22nd 1936 in New York City, United States
Henry Silva
Born: September 23rd 1936 in Brooklyn, United States
Ismail Merchant
Born: December 25th 1936 in Mumbai, India
James Darren
Born: June 8th 1936 in Philadelphia, United States
James Hampton
Born: July 9th 1936 in Oklahoma City, United States
Jim Brown
Born: February 17th 1936 in St. Simons Island, United States
Jim Glaser
Born: December 16th 1936 in Spalding, United States
Jim Henson
Born: September 24th 1936 in Greenville, United States
Joan Kennedy
Born: September 2nd 1936 in Bronx, United States
Joan Sydney
Born: September 5th 1936 in London, England
Joe Don Baker
Born: February 12th 1936 in Groesbeck, United States
Joel Fabiani
Born: September 28th 1936 in Watsonville, United States
John Madden
Born: April 10th 1936 in Austin, United States
John McCain
Born: August 29th 1936 in Coco Solo Naval Air Station, United States
John Saxon
Born: August 5th 1936 in Brooklyn, United States
Juliet Prowse
Born: September 25th 1936 in Mumbai, India
Keir Dullea
Born: May 30th 1936 in Cleveland, United States
Kris Kristofferson
Born: June 22nd 1936 in Brownsville, United States
Lane Smith
Born: April 29th 1936 in Memphis, United States
Larry Hovis
Born: February 20th 1936 in Wapato, United States
Levi Stubbs
Born: June 6th 1936 in Detroit, United States
Louis Gossett Jr
Born: May 27th 1936 in Brooklyn, United States
Mariclare Costello
Born: February 3rd 1936 in Peoria, United States
Mary Travers
Born: November 9th 1936 in Louisville, United States
Mary Tyler Moore
Born: December 29th 1936 in Brooklyn, United States
Michael Landon
Born: October 31st 1936 in Forest Hills, United States
Mickey Gilley
Born: March 9th 1936 in Natchez, United States

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