Celebrities Who Died in 2010

This is a summary list of the celebs that passed away in 2010. If you notice that we missed a celebrity, please add his or her obituary to our Wiki.

Alicia Parlette
Died: April 22nd 2010 in San Francisco, U.S.
Art Linkletter
Died: May 26th 2010 in Bel Air, U.S.
Blake Edwards
Died: December 15th 2010 in Santa Monica, U.S.
Corey Haim
Died: March 10th 2010 in Burbank, U.S.
Dennis Hopper
Died: May 29th 2010 in Venice, U.S.
Eddie Fisher
Died: September 22nd 2010 in Berkeley, U.S.
Elizabeth Edwards
Died: December 7th 2010 in Chapel Hill, U.S.
Gary Coleman
Died: May 28th 2010 in Provo, U.S.
George Steinbrenner
Died: July 13th 2010 in Tampa, U.S.
Glenn Shadix
Died: September 7th 2010 in Birmingham, United States
Gloria Stuart
Died: September 26th 2010 in Beverly Hills, U.S.
Jean Simmons
Died: January 22nd 2010 in Santa Monica, U.S.
Jimmy Dean
Died: June 13th 2010 in Varina, U.S.
Leslie Nielsen
Died: November 28th 2010 in Fort Lauderdale, U.S.
Lynn Redgrave
Died: May 2nd 2010 in Kent, U.S.
Nancy Dolman
Died: August 23rd 2010 in Pacific Palisades, U.S.
Peter Graves
Died: March 14th 2010 in Pacific Palisades, U.S.
Rue McClanahan
Died: June 3rd 2010 in New York City, U.S.
Tom Bosley
Died: October 19th 2010 in Palm Springs, U.S.

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