Celebrities Born in Washington

This is a list of the celebrities who were born in Washington. If you notice that we missed someone famous from Washington, please add his or her obituary to our Wiki.

Adam West
Born: September 19th 1928 in Walla Walla, Washington
Al Strobel
Born: November 2nd 1939 in Seattle, Washington
Alison Sudol
Born: December 23rd 1984 in Seattle, Washington
Annalisa Cochrane
Born: June 21st 1996 in Gig Harbor, Washington
Ben Gibbard
Born: August 11th 1976 in Bremerton, Washington
Bianca Kajlich
Born: March 26th 1977 in Seattle, Washington
Bill Gates
Born: October 28th 1955 in Seattle, Washington
Billy Burke
Born: November 25th 1966 in Bellingham, Washington
Bing Crosby
Born: May 2nd 1903 in Tacoma, Washington
Blair Underwood
Born: August 25th 1964 in Tacoma, Washington
Bob Barker
Born: December 12th 1923 in Darrington, Washington
Brian Thompson
Born: August 28th 1959 in Ellensburg, Washington
Bridget Hanley
Born: February 3rd 1941 in Seattle, Washington
Bruce Bennett
Born: May 16th 1906 in Tacoma, Washington
Bruce Kessler
Born: March 23rd 1936 in Seattle, Washington
Cam Gigandet
Born: August 16th 1982 in Tacoma, Washington
Carol Channing
Born: January 31st 1921 in Seattle, Washington
Caroline McWilliams
Born: April 4th 1945 in Seattle, Washington
Chad Lindberg
Born: November 1st 1976 in Mount Vernon, Washington
Chris Cornell
Born: July 20th 1964 in Seattle, Washington
Chuck Jones
Born: September 21st 1912 in Spokane, Washington
Clarence Gilyard Jr.
Born: December 24th 1955 in Moses Lake, Washington
Connor Trinneer
Born: March 19th 1969 in Walla Walla, Washington
Constance Zimmer
Born: October 11th 1970 in Seattle, Washington
Courtney Stodden
Born: August 29th 1994 in Tacoma, Washington
Craig T Nelson
Born: April 4th 1944 in Spokane, Washington
Curtis Salgado
Born: February 4th 1954 in Everett, Washington
Darren McGavin
Born: May 7th 1922 in Spokane, Washington
Dave Creek
Born: June 19th 1978 in Belleuve, Washington
Dove Cameron
Born: January 15th 1996 in Seattle, Washington
Dyan Cannon
Born: January 4th 1937 in Tacoma, Washington
Elizabeth Thai
Born: July 1st 1979 in Wilson, Washington
Emily Rose
Born: February 2nd 1981 in Renton, Washington
Emma Dumont
Born: November 15th 1994 in Seattle, Washington
Erika Christensen
Born: August 19th 1982 in Seattle, Washington
Glenn Beck
Born: February 10th 1964 in Everett, Washington
Hank Ketcham
Born: March 14th 1920 in Seattle, Washington
Hilary Swank
Born: July 30th 1974 in Bellingham, Washington
Jackson Douglas
Born: June 12th 1969 in Kent, Washington
Jacob Young
Born: September 10th 1979 in Renton, Washington
Jak Knight
Born: November 6th 1993 in Seattle, Washington
James Caviezel
Born: September 26th 1968 in Mount Vernon, Washington
Janet Waldo
Born: February 4th 1920 in Yakima, Washington
Janis Paige
Born: September 16th 1922 in Tacoma, Washington
Jay Pickett
Jay Pickett
Born: February 10th 1961 in Spokane, Washington
Jean Smart
Born: September 13th 1951 in Seattle, Washington
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Born: April 22nd 1966 in Seattle, Washington
Jim Lemley
Born: March 9th 1965 in Seattle, Washington
Jimi Hendrix
Born: November 27th 1942 in Seattle, Washington
Joe Pichler
Born: February 14th 1987 in Bremerton, Washington

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