Celebrities Who Are/Were Activists

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Anita Bryant
Born: March 25th 1940 in Barnsdall, United States
Annie Glenn
Born: February 17th 1920 in Columbus, United States
Cesar Chavez
Born: March 31st 1927 in Yuma, United States
Ed Sanders
Born: August 17th 1939 in Kansas City, United States
Elsie Cresswell-Plant
Born: March 8th 1919 in Brownhills, England
Ethel Kennedy
Born: April 11th 1928 in Chicago, United States
Fannie Lou Hamer
Born: October 6th 1917 in Montgomery County, United States
Gloria Steinem
Born: March 25th 1934 in Toledo, United States
Harriet Tubman
Born: March 6th 1822 in Dorchester County, United States
Henry Morgentaler
Born: March 19th 1923 in Łódź, Poland
John Cresswell-Plant
Born: October 27th 1960 in Bangor, Wales
Leymah Gbowee
Born: February 1st 1972 in Central, Liberia
Malcolm X
Born: May 19th 1925 in Omaha, United States
Mariana Tosca
Born: December 28th 1971 in Salem, United States
Martin Luther King Jr.
Born: January 15th 1929 in Atlanta, United States
Maureen Reagan
Born: January 4th 1941 in Los Angeles, United States
Ralph Abernathy
Born: March 11th 1926 in Linden, United States
Ralph Nader
Born: February 27th 1934 in Winsted, United States
Rosa Parks
Born: February 4th 1913 in Tuskegee, United States
Steve Kubby
Born: December 28th 1946 in El Paso, United States
Stokely Carmichael
Born: June 29th 1941 in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Susan B. Anthony
Born: February 15th 1820 in Adams, United States
Yolanda King
Born: November 17th 1955 in Montgomery, United States

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