Celebs who Died at Age 93

This is our list of the well known celebrities that passed away at the age of 93. If you notice that we missed a famous person, please add his or her obituary to our Wiki.

Arlene Francis
Died: May 31st 2001 in San Francisco, United States
Barbara Walters 2004
Barbara Walters
Died: December 30th 2022 in New York City, United States
Bernard Cribbins
Died: July 28th 2022 in London, England
Betty Ford
Died: July 8th 2011 in Rancho Mirage, United States
Christopher Lee
Died: June 7th 2015 in Chelsea, England
Clarice Taylor
Died: May 30th 2011 in Englewood, United States
Clu Gulager
Died: August 5th 2022 in Los Angeles, United States
Eileen Ryan
Died: October 9th 2022 in Malibu, United States
Elaine Devry
Died: September 20th 2023 in Grants Pass, United States
Estelle Harris
Died: April 2nd 2022 in Palm Desert, United States
Frances Sternhagen
Died: November 27th 2023 in New Rochelle, United States
Frankie Laine
Died: February 6th 2007 in San Diego, United States
George Smathers
Died: January 20th 2007 in Indian Creek, United States
Gerald Ford
Died: December 26th 2006 in Rancho Mirage, United States
Gino Marchetti
Died: April 29th 2019 in Paoli Hospital, Paoli, United States
Hardy Krüger
Died: January 19th 2022 in Palm Springs, United States
Harold Stassen
Died: March 4th 2001 in Bloomington, United States
Jack Axelrod
Died: November 28th 2023 in Los Angeles, United States
Jackie Mason
Died: July 24th 2021 in Manhattan, New York City, United States
Joanne Linville
Died: June 20th 2021 in Los Angeles, United States
Joe Weider
Died: March 23rd 2013 in Los Angeles, United States
Kaye Ballard
Died: January 21st 2019 in Rancho Mirage, United States
Linus Pauling
Died: August 19th 1994 in Big Sur, United States
Liz Sheridan
Died: April 15th 2022 in New York City, United States
Louis Jourdan
Died: February 15th 2015 in Beverly Hills, United States
Lynn Stalmaster
Died: February 12th 2021 in Los Angeles, United States
Mickey Rooney
Died: April 6th 2014 in Los Angeles, United States
Mike Wallace
Died: April 7th 2012 in New Canaan, United States
Milton Berle
Died: March 27th 2002 in Los Angeles, United States
Pat Robertson
Died: June 8th 2023 in Virginia Beach, United States
Ramon Revilla
Died: June 26th 2020 in Taguig, Philippines
Richard Widmark
Died: March 24th 2008 in Roxbury, United States
Robert Trent Jones
Died: June 14th 2000 in Fort Lauderdale, United States
Ronald Reagan
Died: June 5th 2004 in Bel Air, United States
Ruth Hussey
Died: April 19th 2005 in Newbury Park, United States
S. Truett Cathy
Died: September 8th 2014 in Clayton County, United States
Sandra Day O'Connor
Died: December 1st 2023 in Phoenix, United States
Sylvester Pat Weaver
Died: March 15th 2002 in Santa Barbara, United States
Tempest Storm
Died: April 20th 2021 in Las Vegas, United States

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