Celebrities Born in Michigan

This is a list of the celebrities who were born in Michigan. If you notice that we missed someone famous from Michigan, please add his or her obituary to our Wiki.

Adrienne Frantz
Born: June 7th 1978 in Mount Clemens, Michigan
Aileen Wuornos
Born: February 29th 1956 in Rochester, Michigan
Albert Hughes
Born: April 1st 1972 in Detroit, Michigan
Allen Hughes
Born: April 1st 1972 in Detroit, Michigan
Amber Rayne
Born: September 14th 1984 in Detroit, Michigan
Amy Robach
Born: February 6th 1973 in St. Joseph, Michigan
Andy Richter
Born: October 28th 1966 in Grand Rapids, Michigan
Anthony Kiedis
Born: November 1st 1962 in Grand Rapids, Michigan
Art James
Born: October 15th 1929 in Dearborn, Michigan
Arte Johnson
Born: January 20th 1929 in Benton Harbor, Michigan
Austin Nichols
Born: April 24th 1980 in Ann Arbor, Michigan
Barry Watson
Born: April 23rd 1974 in Traverse City, Michigan
Berry Gordy
Born: November 28th 1929 in Detroit, Michigan
Betty Hutton
Born: February 26th 1921 in Battle Creek, Michigan
Bill Hewlett
Born: May 20th 1913 in Ann Arbor, Michigan
Billy West
Born: April 16th 1950 in Detroit, Michigan
Bob Eubanks
Born: January 8th 1938 in Flint, Michigan
Bob Seger
Born: May 6th 1945 in Detroit, Michigan
Brandon T Jackson
Born: March 7th 1984 in Detroit, Michigan
Brian Kelly
Born: February 14th 1931 in Detroit, Michigan
Brian Steele
Born: October 10th 1956 in Milford, Michigan
Bruce Campbell
Born: June 22nd 1958 in Birmingham, Michigan
Burt Kennedy
Born: September 3rd 1922 in Muskegon, Michigan
Carter Oosterhouse
Born: September 19th 1976 in Traverse City, Michigan
Casey Kasem
Born: April 27th 1932 in Detroit, Michigan
Cheslie Kryst
Born: April 28th 1991 in Jackson, Michigan
Chris Owen
Born: September 25th 1980 in Houghton, Michigan
Christie Brinkley
Born: February 2nd 1954 in Monroe, Michigan
Christine Lahti
Born: April 4th 1950 in Birmingham, Michigan
Colin Egglesfield
Born: February 9th 1973 in Dearborn, Michigan
Courtney B Vance
Born: March 12th 1960 in Detroit, Michigan
Curtis Armstrong
Born: November 27th 1953 in Detroit, Michigan
Cynthia Watros
Born: September 2nd 1968 in Lake Orion, Michigan
Dana Elcar
Born: October 10th 1927 in Ferndale, Michigan
Danny Thomas
Born: January 6th 1912 in Deerfield, Michigan
Dave Coulier
Born: September 21st 1959 in St. Clair Shores, Michigan
David Alan Grier
Born: June 30th 1955 in Detroit, Michigan
David Burtka
Born: May 29th 1975 in Dearborn, Michigan
David Patrick Kelly
Born: January 23rd 1951 in Detroit, Michigan
David Spade
Born: July 22nd 1964 in Birmingham, Michigan
Dax Shepard
Born: January 2nd 1975 in Milford, Michigan
Dean Cain
Born: July 31st 1966 in Mount Clemens, Michigan
Della Reese 1998
Della Reese
Born: July 6th 1931 in Detroit, Michigan
Dennis Cole
Born: July 19th 1940 in Detroit, Michigan
Dey Young
Born: July 28th 1955 in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
Diana Ross
Born: March 26th 1944 in Detroit, Michigan
Dick Costolo
Born: September 10th 1963 in Royal Oak, Michigan
Dick Martin
Born: January 30th 1922 in Battle Creek, Michigan
Doris Packer
Born: May 30th 1904 in Menominee, Michigan
Duke Mondy
Born: September 2nd 1990 in Grand Rapids, Michigan

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