Celebs who Died at Age 95

This is our list of the well known celebrities that passed away at the age of 95. If you notice that we missed a famous person, please add his or her obituary to our Wiki.

Alex Spanos
Died: October 9th 2018 in Stockton, United States
Alistair Cooke
Died: March 30th 2004 in New York City, United States
Allan Arbus
Died: April 19th 2013 in Los Angeles, United States
Betty Lynn
Died: October 16th 2021 in Mount Airy, United States
Bruce Kirby
Died: January 24th 2021 in Los Angeles, United States
Buddy Ebsen
Died: July 6th 2003 in Torrance, United States
Celeste Holm
Died: July 15th 2012 in Manhattan, United States
Clifton James
Died: April 15th 2017 in Gladstone, United States
Douglass North
Died: November 23rd 2015 in Benzonia, United States
Ernest Borgnine
Died: July 8th 2012 in Los Angeles, United States
Gina Lollobrigida
Died: January 16th 2023 in Rome, Italy
Gloria Vanderbilt
Died: June 17th 2019 in New York City, United States
Hal Holbrook
Died: January 23rd 2021 in Beverly Hills, United States
Jane Withers
Died: August 7th 2021 in Burbank, United States
Jayne Meadows
Died: April 26th 2015 in Encino, United States
John Glenn
Died: December 8th 2016 in Columbus, United States
June Brown
Died: April 3rd 2022 in Surrey, England
Marian McPartland
Died: August 20th 2013 in Port Washington, United States
Marty Allen
Died: February 12th 2018 in Las Vegas, United States
Maureen O'Hara
Died: October 24th 2015 in Boise, United States
Nelson Mandela
Died: December 5th 2013 in Johannesburg, South Africa
Noel Neill
Died: July 3rd 2016 in Tucson, United States
Pat Carroll
Died: July 30th 2022 in Cape Cod, United States
Penny Singleton
Died: November 12th 2003 in Los Angeles, United States
Peter W. Rodino
Died: May 7th 2005 in West Orange, United States
Phyllis Diller
Died: August 20th 2012 in Los Angeles, United States
Rae Allen
Died: April 6th 2022 in Los Angeles, United States
Red Schoendienst
Died: June 6th 2018 in Town and Country, United States
Sid Bernstein
Died: August 21st 2013 in New York City, United States
Stan Lee
Died: November 12th 2018 in Los Angeles, United States

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