Celebrities Born in Virginia

This is a list of the celebrities who were born in Virginia. If you notice that we missed someone famous from Virginia, please add his or her obituary to our Wiki.

Bebe Buell
Born: July 14th 1953 in Portsmouth, Virginia
Billy Campbell
Born: July 7th 1959 in Charlottesville, Virginia
Chris Ayres
Born: May 16th 1965 in Richmond, Virginia
Clarice Taylor
Born: September 20th 1917 in Buckingham County, Virginia
David Arquette
Born: September 8th 1971 in Winchester, Virginia
Dermot Mulroney
Born: October 31st 1963 in Alexandria, Virginia
Diane Neal
Born: November 17th 1975 in Alexandria, Virginia
Diedrich Bader
Born: December 24th 1966 in Alexandria, Virginia
Donna Dixon
Born: July 20th 1957 in Alexandria, Virginia
Earl Hamner
Born: July 10th 1923 in Schuyler, Virginia
Frankie Faison
Born: June 10th 1949 in Newport News, Virginia
George C Scott
Born: October 18th 1927 in Wise, Virginia
Hilarie Burton
Born: July 1st 1982 in Sterling, Virginia
Hunter Parrish
Born: May 13th 1987 in Richmond, Virginia
Jane Brucker
Born: May 14th 1958 in Falls Church, Virginia
Jason Sudeikis
Born: September 18th 1975 in Fairfax, Virginia
Jayma Mays 2009
Jayma Mays
Born: July 16th 1979 in Grundy, Virginia
Jennifer Aspen
Born: October 9th 1973 in Richmond, Virginia
Jesse L Martin
Born: January 18th 1969 in Rocky Mount, Virginia
Jimmy Workman
Born: October 4th 1980 in Fairfax, Virginia
Mary Tyler Moore Show 1975 (cropped)
Joyce Bulifant
Born: December 16th 1937 in Newport News, Virginia
Katie Couric
Born: January 7th 1957 in Arlington, Virginia
Mackenzie Phillips
Born: November 10th 1959 in Alexandria, Virginia
Melvin Gregg
Born: September 22nd 1988 in Portsmouth, Virginia
Michael Copon
Born: November 13th 1982 in Chesapeake, Virginia
Mike Henry
Born: March 25th 1964 in Richmond, Virginia
Pat Robertson
Born: March 22nd 1930 in Lexington, Virginia
Patrick Kilpatrick
Born: August 20th 1949 in Orange, Virginia
Patrick Wilson
Born: July 3rd 1973 in Norfolk, Virginia
Patton Oswalt
Born: January 27th 1969 in Portsmouth, Virginia
Pell James
Born: April 30th 1977 in Upstate, Virginia
Ralph Stanley
Born: February 25th 1927 in Big Spraddle Creek, Virginia
Ricky Van Shelton
Born: January 12th 1952 in Danville, Virginia
Rob Estes
Born: July 22nd 1963 in Norfolk, Virginia
Rob Lowe
Born: March 17th 1964 in Charlottesville, Virginia
Roy Clark
Born: April 15th 1933 in Meherrin, Virginia
Sabrina Lloyd
Born: November 20th 1970 in Fairfax, Virginia
Sandra Bullock
Born: July 26th 1964 in Arlington, Virginia
Shanelle Gray
Born: August 3rd 1978 in Fairfax, Virginia
Shirley MacLaine
Born: April 24th 1934 in Richmond, Virginia
Skeet Ulrich
Born: January 20th 1970 in Lynchburg, Virginia
Stephen Furst
Born: May 8th 1955 in Norfolk, Virginia
Sunny Von Bulow
Born: September 1st 1932 in Manassas, Virginia
Taryn Manning
Born: November 6th 1978 in Falls Church, Virginia
Tim Reid
Born: December 19th 1944 in Norfolk, Virginia
Wanda Sykes
Born: March 7th 1964 in Portsmouth, Virginia
Warren Beatty
Born: March 30th 1937 in Richmond, Virginia

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