Celebrities Born in 1923

This is a summary the celebs who were born in 1923. If you notice that we missed a celebrity birth, please add his or her obituary to our Wiki.

Aaron Spelling
Born: April 22nd 1923 in Dallas, United States
Al Lewis
Born: April 30th 1923 in Manhattan, United States
Alan Shepard
Born: November 18th 1923 in Derry, United States
Alex Spanos
Born: September 28th 1923 in Stockton, United States
Alice Ghostley
Born: August 14th 1923 in Eve, United States
Andy Granatelli
Born: March 18th 1923 in Dallas, United States
Ann Miller
Born: April 12th 1923 in Chireno, United States
Barney Martin
Born: March 3rd 1923 in Queens, United States
Bettie Page
Born: April 22nd 1923 in Nashville, United States
Bob Barker
Born: December 12th 1923 in Darrington, United States
Bob Dole
Born: July 22nd 1923 in Russell, United States
Bob Elliott
Born: March 26th 1923 in Boston, United States
Charles Durning
Born: February 28th 1923 in Highland Falls, United States
Charlton Heston
Born: October 24th 1923 in Wilmette, United States
Chuck Yeager
Born: February 13th 1923 in Myra, United States
Cliff Robertson
Born: September 9th 1923 in Los Angeles, United States
Conrad Bain
Born: February 4th 1923 in Lethbridge, Canada
David Murdock
Born: April 10th 1923 in Kansas City, United States
Diana Dill
Born: January 22nd 1923 in Devonshire, Bermuda
Earl Hamner
Born: July 10th 1923 in Schuyler, United States
Ed McMahon
Born: March 6th 1923 in Detroit, United States
Eric Sykes
Born: May 4th 1923 in Oldham, England
Estelle Getty
Born: July 25th 1923 in New York City, United States
Evelyn Ward
Born: May 21st 1923 in West Orange, United States
Glen Bell
Born: September 3rd 1923 in Lynwood, United States
Glennis Dickhouse
Born: November 1st 1923 in Fort, United States
Gloria Henry
Born: April 2nd 1923 in New Orleans, United States
Glynis Johns
Born: October 5th 1923 in Pretoria, South Africa
Hank Stram
Born: January 3rd 1923 in Chicago, United States
Henry Kissinger
Born: May 27th 1923 in Fürth, Germany
Henry Morgentaler
Born: March 19th 1923 in Łódź, Poland
James Arness
Born: May 26th 1923 in Minneapolis, United States
James Stockdale
Born: December 23rd 1923 in Abingdon, United States
Jan Berenstain
Born: July 26th 1923 in Philadelphia, United States
Jean Stapleton
Born: January 19th 1923 in New York City, United States
Knox Martin
Born: February 12th 1923 in Barranquilla, Colombia
Larry Storch
Born: January 8th 1923 in New York City, United States
Lon McCallister
Born: April 17th 1923 in Los Angeles, United States
Marcel Marceau
Born: March 22nd 1923 in Strasbourg, France
Mort Walker
Born: September 3rd 1923 in El Dorado, United States
Mother Angelica
Born: April 20th 1923 in Canton, United States
Murray Hamilton
Born: March 24th 1923 in Washington, United States
Ned Wertimer
Born: October 27th 1923 in Buffalo, United States
Norma Zimmer
Born: July 13th 1923 in Larson, United States
Rainier III, Prince of Monaco
Born: May 31st 1923 in Prince’s Palace of Monaco, Monaco
Red Schoendienst
Born: February 2nd 1923 in Germantown, United States
Rhonda Fleming
Born: August 10th 1923 in Hollywood, United States
Richard Attenborough
Born: August 29th 1923 in Cambridge, England
Richard Avedon
Born: May 15th 1923 in New York City, United States
Richard Kleindienst
Born: August 5th 1923 in Winslow, United States

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