Celebs who Died at Age 92

This is our list of the well known celebrities that passed away at the age of 92. If you notice that we missed a famous person, please add his or her obituary to our Wiki.

Ahmad Jamal
Died: April 16th 2023 in Ashley Falls, United States
Andy Rooney
Died: November 4th 2011 in New York City, United States
Ann Sothern
Died: March 15th 2001 in Ketchum, United States
Anouk Aimée
Died: June 18th 2024 in Paris, France
Archibald Cox
Died: May 29th 2004 in Brooksville, United States
Barbara Bush
Died: April 17th 2018 in Houston, United States
Barbara Young
Died: April 27th 2023 in Cambridge, England
Bob Elliott
Died: February 2nd 2016 in Cundy Harbor, United States
Cal Worthington
Died: September 8th 2013 in Orland, United States
Charlotte Rae
Died: August 5th 2018 in Los Angeles, United States
Claudette Colbert
Died: July 30th 1996 in Speightstown, Barbados
Claus Von Bulow
Died: May 25th 2019 in London, England
Coleen Gray
Died: August 3rd 2015 in Bel Air, California
Dabney Coleman
Died: May 16th 2024 in Santa Monica, United States
David Hedison
Died: July 18th 2019 in Los Angeles, United States
Deng Xiaoping
Died: February 19th 1997 in Beijing, China
Diana Dill
Died: July 3rd 2015 in Los Angeles, United States
Don Collier
Died: September 13th 2021 in Harrodsburg, United States
Dorothy Malone
Died: January 19th 2018 in Dallas, United States
Earl Hamner
Died: March 24th 2016 in Los Angeles, United States
Ellen Holly
Died: December 6th 2023 in Bronx, New York City, United States
Eudora Welty
Died: July 23rd 2001 in Jackson, United States
Frances Langford
Died: July 11th 2005 in Jensen Beach, United States
Frank Thornton
Died: March 16th 2013 in Barnes, England
Gordon Pinsent
Died: February 25th 2023 in Toronto, Canada
Imogene Coca
Died: June 2nd 2001 in Westport, United States
Jack Hedley
Died: December 11th 2021 in London, England
Jane Powell
Died: September 16th 2021 in Wilton, United States
Jerry Stiller
Died: May 11th 2020 in New York City, United States
Joan Hickson
Died: October 17th 1998 in Colchester, United Kingdom
Joanna Merlin
Died: October 15th 2023 in Los Angeles, United States
Julie Adams
Died: February 3rd 2019 in Los Angeles, United States
Lata Mangeshkar
Died: February 6th 2022 in Mumbai, India
Lola Albright
Died: March 23rd 2017 in Toluca Lake, United States
Lorraine Warren
Died: April 18th 2019 in Monroe, United States
Mother Angelica
Died: March 27th 2016 in Hanceville, United States
Rosa Parks
Died: October 24th 2005 in Detroit, United States
Stan Musial
Died: January 19th 2013 in Ladue, United States
Van Johnson
Died: December 12th 2008 in Nyack, United States
Viktor Frankl
Died: September 2nd 1997 in Vienna, Austria
Walter Cronkite
Died: July 17th 2009 in New York City, United States

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