Celebrities Who Died in 1994

This is a summary list of the famous people that passed away in 1994. If you notice that we missed a celebrity that died in 1994, please add his or her obituary to our Wiki.

Andrés Escobar
Died: July 2nd 1994 in Medallín, Colombia
Ayrton Senna
Died: May 1st 1994 in Bologna, Italy
Bill Hicks
Died: February 26th 1994 in Little Rock, United States
Burt Lancaster
Died: October 20th 1994 in Los Angeles, United States
Cab Calloway
Died: November 18th 1994 in Hockessin, United States
Cesar Romero
Died: January 1st 1994 in Santa Monica, United States
Dack Rambo
Died: March 21st 1994 in Delano, United States
Dick Sargent
Died: July 8th 1994 in Los Angeles, United States
Dinah Shore
Died: February 24th 1994 in Beverly Hills, California
George Peppard
Died: May 8th 1994 in Los Angeles, United States
Harry Nilsson
Died: January 15th 1994 in Agoura Hills, United States
Henry Charles Bukowski
Died: March 9th 1994 in Los Angeles, United States
Jack Kirby
Died: February 6th 1994 in Thousand Oaks, United States
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
Died: May 19th 1994 in New York City, United States
Jeffrey Dahmer
Died: November 28th 1994 in Portage, United States
Jessica Tandy
Died: September 11th 1994 in Easton, United States
John Candy
Died: March 4th 1994 in Durango, Mexico
John Wayne Gacy
Died: May 10th 1994 in Crest Hill, United States
Kurt Cobain
Died: April 5th 1994 in Seattle, United States
Linus Pauling
Died: August 19th 1994 in Big Sur, United States
Nicole Brown Simpson
Died: June 12th 1994 in Los Angeles, United States
Peter Cushing
Died: August 11th 1994 in Canterbury, England
Raul Julia
Died: October 24th 1994 in Manhasset, United States
Richard Nixon
Died: April 22nd 1994 in New York-Presbyterian Hospital, United States
Telly Savalas
Died: January 22nd 1994 in Universal City, United States
William Conrad
Died: February 11th 1994 in Los Angeles, United States
Wilma Rudolph
Died: November 12th 1994 in Brentwood, United States

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