Celebrities Born in 1914

This is a summary the celebs who were born in 1914. If you notice that we missed a celebrity birth, please add his or her obituary to our Wiki.

Alec Guinness
Born: April 2nd 1914 in Maida Vale, London, England
Anna Wing
Born: October 30th 1914 in Hackney, England
Beatrice Straight
Born: August 2nd 1914 in Old Westbury, United States
E. G. Marshall
Born: June 18th 1914 in Owatonna, United States
Estelle Reiner
Born: June 5th 1914 in The Bronx, United States
Hedy Lamarr
Born: November 9th 1914 in Vienna, Austria
Henry Wade
Born: November 11th 1914 in Rockwall County, United States
Howard K. Smith
Born: May 12th 1914 in Ferriday, United States
Irwin Corey
Born: July 29th 1914 in Brooklyn, United States
Jeff Corey
Born: August 10th 1914 in New York City, United States
Joe DiMaggio
Born: November 25th 1914 in Martinez, United States
John Berryman
Born: October 25th 1914 in McAlester, United States
Jonas Salk
Born: October 28th 1914 in New York City, United States
Jonathan Harris
Born: November 6th 1914 in The Bronx, United States
Norman Lloyd
Born: November 8th 1914 in Jersey City, United States
Peter Townsend
Born: November 22nd 1914 in Yangon, Myanmar
Ray Walston
Born: November 2nd 1914 in New Orleans, United States
Richard Denning
Born: March 27th 1914 in Poughkeepsie, United States
Richard Widmark
Born: December 26th 1914 in Sunrise Township, United States
Robert Wise
Born: September 10th 1914 in Winchester, United States
Sam Manekshaw
Born: April 3rd 1914 in Amritsar, India
Thor Heyerdahl
Born: October 6th 1914 in Larvik, Norway
Thurl Ravenscroft
Born: February 6th 1914 in Norfolk, United States
Tyrone Power
Born: May 5th 1914 in Cincinnati, United States
William S. Burroughs
Born: February 5th 1914 in St. Louis, United States
William Westmoreland
Born: March 26th 1914 in Saxon, United States

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