Celebs who Died at Age 86

This is our list of the well known celebrities that passed away at the age of 86. If you notice that we missed a famous person, please add his or her obituary to our Wiki.

Alec Guinness
Died: August 5th 2000 in Midhurst, United Kingdom
Andy Griffith
Died: July 3rd 2012 in Manteo, United States
Ann Lynn
Died: August 30th 2020 in Oxfordshire, England
Anthony Quinn
Died: June 3rd 2001 in Boston, United States
Bea Arthur
Died: April 25th 2009 in Brentwood, U. S.
Beatrice Straight
Died: April 7th 2001 in Northridge, Los Angeles, United States
Betty Hutton
Died: March 11th 2007 in Palm Springs, United States
Bobby Charlton
Died: October 21st 2023 in England, England
Bud Collins
Died: March 4th 2016 in Brookline, United States
Bud Spencer
Died: June 27th 2016 in Rome, Italy
Cab Calloway
Died: November 18th 1994 in Hockessin, United States
Cesar Romero
Died: January 1st 1994 in Santa Monica, United States
Charles Grodin 2013
Charles Grodin
Died: May 18th 2021 in Wilton, United States
Charley Pride
Died: December 12th 2020 in Dallas, United States
Craig Breedlove
Died: April 4th 2023 in Rio Vista, United States
Curt Gowdy
Died: February 20th 2006 in Palm Beach, United States
Danny Aiello
Died: December 12th 2019 in Jersey City, United States
Deborah Kerr
Died: October 16th 2007 in Suffolk, United Kingdom
Della Reese 1998
Della Reese
Died: November 19th 2017 in Encino, United States
Dick Martin
Died: May 24th 2008 in Santa Monica, United States
Dick Van Patten
Died: June 23rd 2015 in Santa Monica, United States
Diosdado Macapagal
Died: April 21st 1997 in Makati, Philippines
E. B. White
Died: October 1st 1985 in Brooklin, United States
Ed McMahon
Died: June 23rd 2009 in Los Angeles, United States
Eleanor Audley
Died: November 25th 1991 in Los Angeles, United States
Elgin Baylor
Died: March 22nd 2021 in Los Angeles, United States
Frances Bavier
Died: December 6th 1989 in Siler City, United States
Fred Willard
Died: May 15th 2020 in Los Angeles, United States
Frederic Forrest
Died: June 23rd 2023 in Santa Monica, United States
George Coe
Died: July 18th 2015 in Santa Monica, United States
Glen Bell
Died: January 16th 2010 in Rancho Santa Fe, United States
Gore Vidal
Died: July 31st 2012 in Los Angeles, United States
Groucho Marx
Died: August 19th 1977 in Los Angeles, United States
Hank Aaron
Died: January 22nd 2021 in Atlanta, United States
Henry Wade
Died: March 1st 2001 in Dallas, United States
Isabel Sanford
Died: July 9th 2004 in Los Angeles, United States
Ivan Pavlov
Died: February 27th 1936 in St. Petersburg, Russia
James Cagney
Died: March 30th 1986 in Stanfordville, United States
James Garner
Died: July 19th 2014 in Los Angeles, United States
Jan Miner
Died: February 15th 2004 in Bethel, United States
Jerry Van Dyke
Died: January 5th 2018 in Malvern, United States
Jesse Helms
Died: July 4th 2008 in Raleigh, United States
Jim McKay
Died: June 7th 2008 in Monkton, United States
Jimmy Durante
Died: January 29th 1980 in Santa Monica, United States
Joan Sydney
Died: December 28th 2022 in Sydney, Australia
John Crowe Ransom
Died: July 3rd 1974 in Gambier, United States
Kenneth Tsang
Died: April 27th 2022 in Yau Tsim Mong District, Hong Kong
Lelia Goldoni
Died: July 22nd 2023 in Englewood, United States
Linda Cristal
Died: June 27th 2020 in Beverly Hills, United States
Martin Landau
Died: July 15th 2017 in Los Angeles, United States

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