Celebrities Who Died from Leukemia

This is a summary the celebrities who were died from Leukemia. If you notice that we missed a famous person who passed away from Leukemia, please add his or her obituary to our list.

Adam West
Died: June 9th 2017 in Los Angeles, U.S.
Bob Einstein
Died: January 2nd 2019 in Indian Wells, U.S.
Bruno Kirby
Died: August 14th 2006 in Los Angeles, United States
Christine Kaufmann
Died: March 17th 2017 in Munich, Germany
Clive James
Died: November 24th 2019 in Cambridge, England
Craig Sager
Died: December 15th 2016 in Atlanta, U.S.
Curt Gowdy
Died: February 20th 2006 in Palm Beach, United States
Etta James
Died: January 20th 2012 in Riverside, United States
H Ross Perot
Died: July 9th 2019 in Dallas, U.S.
Jack Kehler
Died: May 7th 2022 in Los Angeles, United States
Larry Hagman
Died: November 23rd 2012 in Dallas, U.S.
Mary Travers
Died: September 16th 2009 in Danbury, United States
Mike Connors
Died: January 26th 2017 in Tarzana, U.S.
Norm Macdonald
Died: September 14th 2021 in Los Angeles, U.S.
Peter Scolari
Died: October 22nd 2021 in New York City, U.S.
Robert Altman
Died: November 20th 2006 in Los Angeles, United States
Robert Vaughn
Died: November 11th 2016 in Ridgefield, United States
Scott Wilson
Died: October 6th 2018 in Los Angeles, U.S.
Tom Snyder
Died: July 29th 2007 in Belvedere, United States
Vidal Sassoon
Died: May 9th 2012 in Los Angeles, U.S.

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