Celebrities Born in 1928

This is a summary the celebs who were born in 1928. If you notice that we missed a celebrity birth, please add his or her obituary to our Wiki.

Adam West
Born: September 19th 1928 in Walla Walla, U.S.
Bernard Cribbins
Born: December 29th 1928 in Oldham, England
Bo Diddley
Born: December 30th 1928 in McComb, U.S.
Bob Cousy
Born: August 9th 1928 in Manhattan, U.S.
Burt Bacharach
Born: May 12th 1928 in Kansas City, U.S.
Dan Blocker
Born: December 10th 1928 in De Kalb, U.S.
Dick Van Patten
Born: December 9th 1928 in New York City, U.S.
Dick York
Born: September 4th 1928 in Fort Wayne, U.S.
Earl Holliman
Born: September 11th 1928 in Delhi, U.S.
Eddie Fisher
Born: August 10th 1928 in Philadelphia, U.S.
Eileen Ryan
Born: October 16th 1928 in New York City, U.S.
Elie Wiesel
Born: September 30th 1928 in Sighet, Romania
Estelle Harris
Born: April 4th 1928 in Manhattan, U.S.
Ethel Kennedy
Born: April 11th 1928 in Chicago, U.S.
Fats Domino
Born: February 26th 1928 in New Orleans, U.S.
Hal Prince
Born: January 30th 1928 in New York City, U.S.
Jack Germond
Born: January 30th 1928 in Boston, U.S.
James Dewey Watson
Born: April 6th 1928 in Chicago, U.S.
James Garner
Born: April 7th 1928 in Norman, U.S.
Jim Lovell
Born: March 25th 1928 in Cleveland, U.S.
Jimmy Dean
Born: August 10th 1928 in Plainview, U.S.
Joanne Linville
Born: January 15th 1928 in Bakersfield, U.S.
Joss Ackland
Born: February 28th 1928 in North Kensington, England
Judith Krantz
Born: January 9th 1928 in New York City, U.S.
Marion Ross
Born: October 25th 1928 in Albert Lea, U.S.
Maya Angelou
Born: April 4th 1928 in St. Louis, U.S.
Noam Chomsky
Born: December 7th 1928 in Philadelphia, U.S.
Orson Bean
Born: July 22nd 1928 in Burlington, U.S.
Paul Dooley
Born: February 22nd 1928 in Parkersburg, U.S.
Ralph Waite
Born: June 22nd 1928 in White Plains, U.S.
Rance Howard
Born: November 17th 1928 in Duncan, U.S.
Roger Mudd
Born: February 9th 1928 in Washington, U.S.
Ruben Studdard
Born: January 12th 1928 in Frankfurt, Germany
Ruth Westheimer
Born: June 4th 1928 in Wiesenfeld, Germany
Sander Vanocur
Born: January 8th 1928 in Cleveland, U.S.
Shirley Temple Black
Born: April 23rd 1928 in Santa Monica, U.S.
Tempest Storm
Born: February 28th 1928 in Eastman, U.S.
Tom Lehrer
Born: April 9th 1928 in Manhattan, U.S.
Vic Damone
Born: June 12th 1928 in Brooklyn, U.S.
Vidal Sassoon
Born: January 17th 1928 in Hammersmith-London, England
Warren Oates
Born: July 5th 1928 in Depoy, U.S.

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