Celebs who Died at Age 77

This is our list of the well known celebrities that passed away at the age of 77. If you notice that we missed a famous person, please add his or her obituary to our Wiki.

A. E. Housman
Died: April 30th 1936 in Cambridge, England
Al Goldstein
Died: December 19th 2013 in Brooklyn, United States
Anthony Franciosa
Died: January 19th 2006 in Los Angeles, United States
Bella Abzug
Died: March 31st 1998 in New York City, United States
Ben Johnson
Died: April 8th 1996 in Mesa, United States
Bobby Riggs
Died: October 25th 1995 in Encinitas, United States
Bruno Ganz
Died: February 16th 2019 in Wädenswil, Switzerland
Carol Lynley
Died: September 3rd 2019 in Pacific Palisades, United States
Charles M. Schulz
Died: February 12th 2000 in Santa Rosa, United States
Chet Atkins
Died: June 30th 2001 in Nashville, United States
Conchata Ferrell
Died: October 12th 2020 in Sherman Oaks, U. S.
Dana Elcar
Died: June 6th 2005 in Ventura, United States
David Canary
Died: November 16th 2015 in Wilton, United States
Denver Pyle
Died: December 25th 1997 in Burbank, United States
Dinah Shore
Died: February 24th 1994 in Beverly Hills, California
Earl Boen
Died: January 5th 2023 in Rural, United States
Ernest Gold
Died: March 17th 1999 in Santa Monica, United States
Fredric March
Died: April 14th 1975 in Los Angeles, United States
Gordon Cooper
Died: October 4th 2004 in Ventura, United States
Henry Fonda
Died: August 12th 1982 in Los Angeles, United States
Howard Cosell
Died: April 23rd 1995 in New York City, United States
Howard Waldrop
Died: January 14th 2024 in Austin, United States
Ida Lupino
Died: August 3rd 1995 in Los Angeles, United States
Jack Lord
Died: January 21st 1998 in Honolulu, United States
Jackie Collins
Died: September 19th 2015 in Beverly Hills, United States
Janet Leigh
Died: October 3rd 2004 in Beverly Hills, United States
Joe Mondragon
Died: July 7th 1987 in San Juan Pueblo, United States
John Hurt
Died: January 25th 2017 in Cromer, Norfolk, England
John Mahoney
Died: February 4th 2018 in Chicago, United States
Jules Verne
Died: March 24th 1905 in Amiens, France
Kevin Dobson
Died: September 6th 2020 in Stockton, United States
Kevin Hagen
Died: July 9th 2005 in Grants Pass, United States
Lee Aaker
Died: April 1st 2021 in Mesa, United States
Leo Penn
Died: September 5th 1998 in Santa Monica, United States
Liz Dawn
Died: September 25th 2017 in Whitefield, Greater Manchester, England
Lucille Ball
Died: April 26th 1989 in Beverly Hills, United States
Michael Parks
Died: May 9th 2017 in Los Angeles, United States
Moe Howard
Died: May 4th 1975 in Los Angeles, United States
Nick Benedict
Died: July 14th 2023 in Tehachapi, United States
Peter Tork
Died: February 21st 2019 in Mansfield, United States
Rick Jason
Died: October 16th 2000 in Moorpark, United States
Rod Steiger
Died: July 9th 2002 in Los Angeles, United States
Sergio Calderón
Died: May 31st 2023 in Los Angeles, United States
Spiro Agnew
Died: September 17th 1996 in Berlin, United States
Ted Kennedy
Died: August 25th 2009 in Hyannis Hyannis Port, United States
Terry Jones
Died: January 21st 2020 in Highgate, London, England
Tito Puente
Died: June 1st 2000 in New York City, United States
Leave It to Beaver Tony Dow 1961
Tony Dow
Died: July 27th 2022 in Topanga, United States
Toshiro Mifune
Died: December 24th 1997 in Tokyo, Japan
Veronica Carlson
Died: February 27th 2022 in Hilton, United States

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