Celebrities Who Died from Heart attack

This is a summary the celebrities who were died from Heart attack. If you notice that we missed a famous person who passed away from Heart attack, please add his or her obituary to our list.

Al Martino
Died: October 13th 2009 in Springfield, United States
Andy Griffith
Died: July 3rd 2012 in Manteo, United States
Bela Lugosi
Died: August 16th 1956 in Los Angeles, United States
Bing Crosby
Died: October 14th 1977 in Alcobendas, Madrid, Spain
Bo Hopkins
Died: May 28th 2022 in Van Nuys, United States
Bobby Driscoll
Died: March 30th 1968 in New York City, United States
Buck Henry
Died: January 8th 2020 in Los Angeles, United States
Buckminster Fuller
Died: July 1st 1983 in Los Angeles, United States
Burt Lancaster
Died: October 20th 1994 in Los Angeles, United States
Calvin Coolidge
Died: January 5th 1933 in Northampton, United States
Carol Lynley
Died: September 3rd 2019 in Pacific Palisades, United States
Celeste Holm
Died: July 15th 2012 in Manhattan, United States
Chiang Kai-shek
Died: April 5th 1975 in Chiang Kai-Shek Shilin Residence, Taipe, Taiwan
Chico Marx
Died: October 11th 1961 in Los Angeles, United States
Chris Rebello
Died: November 30th 2000 in Oak Bluffs, United States
Clark Gable
Died: November 16th 1960 in Los Angeles, United States
Conchata Ferrell
Died: October 12th 2020 in Sherman Oaks, U. S.
Cyd Charisse
Died: June 17th 2008 in Los Angeles, United States
Academy Awards afterparty CUN DMX
Died: April 9th 2021 in White Plains, United States
David Doyle
Died: February 26th 1997 in Los Angeles, United States
David Graf
Died: April 7th 2001 in Phoenix, United States
David White
Died: November 27th 1990 in Los Angeles, United States
Davy Jones
Died: February 29th 2012 in Stuart, United States
Dick Clark
Died: April 18th 2012 in Santa Monica, United States
Dick Miller
Died: January 30th 2019 in Los Angeles, United States
Errol Lynn
Died: October 14th 1959 in Vancouver, Canada
Francesco Quinn
Died: August 5th 2011 in Malibu, United States
Frank Morgan
Died: September 18th 1949 in Beverly Hills, United States
Frank Sinatra
Died: May 14th 1998 in Los Angeles, United States
Frank Vincent
Died: September 13th 2017 in Nutley, United States
Geoffrey Lewis
Died: April 7th 2015 in Los Angeles, United States
George Plimpton
Died: September 25th 2003 in New York City, United States
George Steinbrenner
Died: July 13th 2010 in Tampa, United States
Gracie Allen
Died: August 27th 1964 in Los Angeles, United States
Grover Cleveland
Died: June 24th 1908 in Princeton, United States
Henry Morgentaler
Died: May 29th 2013 in Toronto, Canada
J. Madison Wright Morris
Died: July 21st 2006 in Lexington, United States
J. T. Walsh
Died: February 27th 1998 in Lemon Grove, United States
Jack Hedley
Died: December 11th 2021 in London, England
Jacques Cousteau
Died: June 25th 1997 in Paris, France
Jamal Edwards
Died: February 20th 2022 in Acton, London, England
James Cagney
Died: March 30th 1986 in Stanfordville, United States
James Coburn
Died: November 18th 2002 in Beverly Hills, United States
James Gandolfini
Died: June 19th 2013 in Rome, Italy
Jason Miller
Died: May 13th 2001 in Scranton, United States
Jay Pickett
Jay Pickett
Died: July 30th 2021 in Boise, United States
Jeff Kay
Died: October 17th 2021 in Atlanta, United States
Jerry Garcia
Died: August 9th 1995 in Forest Knolls, United States
Jim Glaser
Died: April 6th 2019 in Nashville, United States
Joan Crawford
Died: May 10th 1977 in New York City, United States

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