Celebs who Died at Age 87

This is our list of the well known celebrities that passed away at the age of 87. If you notice that we missed a famous person, please add his or her obituary to our Wiki.

Albert R. Broccoli
Died: June 27th 1996 in Beverly Hills, United States
Arnold Palmer
Died: September 25th 2016 in Pittsburgh, United States
Bill Hewlett
Died: January 12th 2001 in Palo Alto, United States
Bobby Unser
Died: May 2nd 2021 in Albuquerque, United States
Buckminster Fuller
Died: July 1st 1983 in Los Angeles, United States
Chaim Topol
Died: March 8th 2023 in Tel Aviv, Israel
Chiang Kai-shek
Died: April 5th 1975 in Chiang Kai-Shek Shilin Residence, Taipe, Taiwan
Chuck Barris
Died: March 21st 2017 in Palisades, United States
Clarence Frogman Henry
Died: April 7th 2024 in New Orleans, United States
Cyd Charisse
Died: June 17th 2008 in Los Angeles, United States
Cynthia Harris
Died: October 3rd 2021 in New York City, United States
Dickie Jones
Died: July 7th 2014 in Northridge, Los Angeles, United States
Dr. Seuss
Died: September 24th 1991 in La Jolla, United States
Dwayne Hickman
Died: January 9th 2022 in Los Angeles, United States
Eleanor Coppola
Died: April 12th 2024 in Rutherford, United States
Elie Wiesel
Died: July 2nd 2016 in New York City, United States
Erin O'Brien
Died: May 20th 2021 in Seattle, United States
Ezra Pound
Died: November 1st 1972 in Venice, Italy
F Lee Bailey
Died: June 3rd 2021 in Atlanta, United States
Gabriel García Márquez
Died: April 17th 2014 in Mexico City, Mexico
George Segal
Died: March 23rd 2021 in Santa Rosa, United States
Glenda Jackson
Died: June 15th 2023 in Blackheath, London, England
Gregory Peck
Died: June 12th 2003 in Los Angeles, United States
Helen Keller
Died: June 1st 1968 in Easton, United States
Howard K. Smith
Died: February 15th 2002 in Bethesda, United States
Jack Palance
Died: November 10th 2006 in Montecito, United States
Jacques Cousteau
Died: June 25th 1997 in Paris, France
James Whitmore
Died: February 6th 2009 in Malibu, United States
Jerry Lee Lewis
Died: October 28th 2022 in DeSoto County, United States
Jim Brown
Died: May 18th 2023 in Los Angeles, United States
Jim Nabors
Died: November 30th 2017 in Honolulu, United States
Joan Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Died: September 18th 2020 in Washington, United States
Joanna Barnes
Died: April 29th 2022 in Sea Ranch, United States
Jonathan Harris
Died: November 3rd 2002 in Encino, Los Angeles, United States
Jonathan Winters
Died: April 11th 2013 in Montecito, United States
Larry King
Died: January 23rd 2021 in Los Angeles, United States
Lee Falk
Died: March 13th 1999 in New York City, United States
Leona Helmsley
Died: August 20th 2007 in Greenwich, United States
Little Richard
Died: May 9th 2020 in Tullahom, United States
Loretta Young
Died: August 12th 2000 in Los Angeles, United States
Louis Gossett Jr
Died: March 29th 2024 in Santa Monica, United States
Mae West
Died: November 22nd 1980 in Los Angeles, United States
Margaret Thatcher
Died: April 8th 2013 in London, England
Mark Goddard
Died: October 10th 2023 in Hingham, United States
Maureen O’Sullivan
Died: June 23rd 1998 in Scottsdale, United States
Mercedes McCambridge
Died: March 2nd 2004 in La Jolla, United States
Michael Evans
Died: September 4th 2007 in Los Angeles, United States
Mother Teresa
Died: September 5th 1997 in Kolkata, India
Norma Zimmer
Died: May 10th 2011 in Brea, United States
Ossie Davis
Died: February 4th 2005 in Miami, United States

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