Celebrities Who Died in 2000

This is a summary list of the famous people that passed away in 2000. If you notice that we missed a celebrity that died in 2000, please add his or her obituary to our Wiki.

Alec Guinness
Died: August 5th 2000 in Midhurst, United Kingdom
Alex Comfort
Died: March 26th 2000 in Oxfordshire, England
Barbara Cartland
Died: May 21st 2000 in Hatfield, England
Carl Albert
Died: February 4th 2000 in McAlester, United States
Charles M. Schulz
Died: February 12th 2000 in Santa Rosa, United States
Chris Rebello
Died: November 30th 2000 in Oak Bluffs, United States
Christopher Pettiet
Died: April 12th 2000 in Los Angeles, United States
Claire Trevor
Died: April 8th 2000 in Newport Beach, United States
Craig Claiborne
Died: January 22nd 2000 in New York City, United States
Craig Stevens
Died: May 10th 2000 in Los Angeles, United States
Dave Merrick
Died: April 25th 2000 in London, United Kingdom
Derrick Thomas
Died: February 8th 2000 in Miami, United States
Doris Coley
Died: February 4th 2000 in Sacramento, United States
Doug Henning
Died: February 7th 2000 in Los Angeles, United States
Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
Died: May 7th 2000 in New York City, United States
Durward Kirby
Died: March 15th 2000 in Punta Rassa, United States
Elmo R. Zumwalt
Died: January 2nd 2000 in Durham, United States
Hafez al-Assad
Died: June 10th 2000 in Damascus, Syria
Hedy Lamarr
Died: January 19th 2000 in Casselberry, United States
Jason Robards
Died: December 26th 2000 in Bridgeport, United States
Jim Varney
Died: February 10th 2000 in White House, United States
John Colicos
Died: March 6th 2000 in Toronto, Canada
John Gielgud
Died: May 21st 2000 in Wotton Underwood, United Kingdom
Judd Rose
Died: June 10th 2000 in , United States
Julie London
Died: October 18th 2000 in Encino, United States
Justin Pierce
Died: July 10th 2000 in Las Vegas, United States
Larry Linville
Died: April 10th 2000 in New York City, United States
Meredith MacRae
Died: July 14th 2000 in Manhattan Beach, United States
Nancy Marchand
Died: June 18th 2000 in Stratford, United States
Paul Bartel
Died: May 13th 2000 in New York City, United States
Reginald Kray
Died: October 1st 2000 in Norwich, United Kingdom
Rex Everhart
Died: March 13th 2000 in Branford, United States
Richard Farnsworth
Died: October 6th 2000 in Lincoln, United States
Richard Kleindienst
Died: February 3rd 2000 in Prescott, United States
Robert Trent Jones
Died: June 14th 2000 in Fort Lauderdale, United States
Roger Vadim
Died: February 11th 2000 in Paris, France
Steve Allen
Died: October 30th 2000 in Encino, Los Angeles, United States
Steve Reeves
Died: May 1st 2000 in Escondido, United States
Tito Puente
Died: June 1st 2000 in New York City, United States
Vicki Sue Robinson
Died: April 27th 2000 in Wilton, United States
Walter Matthau
Died: July 1st 2000 in Santa Monica, United States

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